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And you can try blueprinting your flexi.
Take it all apart, really study how it goes together.
1)start with the rear bushings...when you put them in, is there any slop? Do the rules allow you to glue or solder them solid? Put a naked axle through the bushings. the axle ought to slide easily though one and into the other, if it does not, they are not straight. Once in position, glue or solder if allowed.

2)If allowed, check the alignment on the motor. Are the brushes exactly 180 degrees apart, are they wearing evenly? without the springs on, does the arm spin freely in the can? If any of these are not true, fix it!

3)mount the motor. Does it sit flat on the pan? Is the mesh smooth? If not, fix it. Then, if allowed, solder the motor in postition. If allowd make an "L" brace that attaches the can to the bushing on the side away from the gear to make your box rigid.

4)Assemble the rest of the car. Does the guide move freely but without a fore/aft rocking? Do the pans move just a little but without bind? When the car sits on the block, does it sit flat on the track? If not add a little weight behind the guide until it does.

5)When mounting the body, have you reinforced the stress points? When the body is on the car, does it touchanything that moves?

When all this is perfect and you are comfortable driving it...THEN think about a faster class.

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