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Hi Rikki,

In standard format they work completely independently and the pit lane game is a childs toy.

However, if you get it upgraded to pitpro by RichG or RikoRocket and run it with SSDC on a computer it is a different animal altogether.

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Speaking of SSDC, Rikki, have you decided where/how you're going to mount a nice big monitor? I'm thinking you should hang it from the ceiling right above the esses.

Oh, and Pit-Pro doesn't add fuel simulation. That's part of SSDC regardless of pit lane sensing. Pit-Pro provides pretty mights, and the sensors that enable things like pit lane speed limits, and preventing people from refueling on the track. PC Lap Counter also supports Pit-Pro, but in a different way. I don't think it uses the Pit-Pro light tower for fuel level "meters" like SSDC does.

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It sort of does as it has one of the lights flashing if you are getting low. It uses another to indicate you have a drive through penalty and the last one is used to indicate you are in the pits (duh?).

Stolen off Guys site:

What Pc Lap Counter can do with the Pit-pro :

• Detect pit IN / OUT.
• Give a Stop & Go penalty when driver run to fast in the pit lane area.
• Lights up the PLG lights like this:
o Big green lights up when the track is opened and flash during a trackcall.
o Big red lights up when the track is closed, slow flash during race pause and fast flash during countdown.
o For each driver Pc Lap Counter lights up 3 lights like this:
 The left one is for fuel, middle one is for the Pit Stop and the right one is for the stop & go penalty.
 Fuel light will medium flash when the tank reach 20% and will fast flash when the tank reach the low fuel valuet (see fuel management options).
 During refuel the low fuel AND the pit stop light will medium flash , if the car move during the refueling these 2 lights will not more flashing and the refuel is pausing, when the tank is full only the pit stop light will fast flash.
 Stop & Go light will fast flash when the driver get a Stop & Go penalty
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