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Can you add a brake button to a 'Repete' digi Parma?

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I have a couple of Repete digified Parma controllers that I bought a few years ago. They don't have a brake button, only the lane change button.

I would like to add a brake button so I can take advantage of the various functions (aside from braking) that use the button - in particular, the car programming.

Can someone tell me what it would take to add a brake button and how to wire it in?


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In theory, all you need to do is add an additional resistance into the circuit which is attached to a non-latching switch. Without measuring a scaley controller, I believe the value to be around the 8k mark.

The throttle is from 0-5k, pressing the LC adds another discreet amount and the brakes yet another amount. The PB can detect what combination of things are pressed by the total value of the resistance.
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