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Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

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Enough with the Rolf Harris impersonations, here's todays latest work in progress. Yes, the chassis is from a blacked out Scalextric Valvoline Thunderbird and yes the rear axle is cut down and refitted with Scalextric Focus WRC rears but what I'm asking is what is the car?

I have every confidence that some of you out there will recognise the 1:1 prototype even from this shot.

Come on then who will first to guess it? First prize is an envelope full of fibreglass dust swept off my back door step!

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Cunningham 'Le Monstre'?

C'mon- I really need that 'glass dust, Coop.
QUOTE (howmet tx @ 3 Dec 2004, 20:43)Cunningham 'Le Monstre'?

C'mon- I really need that 'glass dust, Coop.

I knew it would be guessed! Unfortunately Howmet once I realised that I would be sending an envelope of white powder through the post I did the only responsible thing that one could do - I wiped my prints off it and addressed it to the Prime Minister.

I don't know the origin of this fibreglass casting, I got in a bits box swop at the club night on Tuesday. Doesn't photo too well I'm afraid since it's the horrible kind of glossy, semi-translucent brown usually associated with constipation curing chocolate.

Now if someone would do a 1:32 1950 Caddy de Ville then I could model both Briggs Cunningham entries at the 1950 Le Mans.

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Buh-buh-buh-buh but....

That's MY envelope of white powder, Coop! I won it fair and square!
Ain't it typical- the folk what's got get more, the folk what ain't got, get nuthin'.

Very nice casting that, by the way. I couldn't help recognise it- the whole East Hamley team runs 'em. Paint it Panzer Grey and scare the troops. Maybe a little gun turret over the cockpit there, too.
Meanwhile, on another page, Rail Racer's C4R turns it's wheels...
Let's get the whole Cunningham team going!

Howmet is currently..

Playing: by himself
Reading: the instructions
Scratchbuilding: a fleet of xrarglon star invader battlecruisers in 1:1 scale
Listening: out for police sirens
Driving: fast in the other direction
I thought you were building a Thingie!
Hurry the Thingies thread is dieing, we need to keep it alive and make a record of posts and views!
Best regards
Sorry to hijack this post for a moment Coopdevil!
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