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Cannot Delete Personal Messages

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I cannot delete my messages, neither those sent by me nor from other members. Have tried Firefox, Chrome and Vivaldi and get the same. I'm on a Windows 10 PC.

Cannot delete when I have a message open and cannot delete using the multi-select feature.

Am at 85% full so please help...

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I'll check it out Leo.
Hi Leo.
I just deleted 4 marked deleted and it worked.
I did it under your profile.
When you go into your messages
Check the box opposite the message(right side) you want to delete and then go to the bottom selection box, pick delete and then go.
If that is an issue still go back to the top and there is a tab that says view all, not the box for select all.
Then select the messages as above and go back to the bottom of the page, select delete in the drop down box and then press go.
Let me know if this works for you.

Check my message above Leo.
Kind Regards

Hello Bob and thank you for your help with this.

Still cannot delete. The method you describe is what I normally use.

I don't see a tab/button for "View All", I only see the select all tick-box (as below).

Feel free to delete the messages "Cartronic Mercedes" and/or "Renault Floride Body Kit" if you want to try again.

Have tried going in via the Envelope icon and also via Personal Messager from hovering over my username.


Blue Font Operating system Computer Rectangle


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Hi Leo, I think I deleted the 2 messages under your name.
I use Chrome, so I'm not familiar with your browser operations.
What puzzles me is if you have a select all box, you should have individual boxes too, they didnt show in the attached photo.
Hi Leo,

No problem here to delete messages in Firefox or Chrome, either using the red delete button in a message or selecting the message in the list and using the Go button with "Delete" selected. I wonder if one of your browser extensions/add-ons is interfering. Maybe try temporarily disabling them.

Hello Bob and Chris, I tried Chrome and Vivaldi as well. Chrome screen grab is below. No extensions nor Add-Ons are installed.

As can be seen some messages are marked as "Deleted" but still show and can be opened. To my mind that indicates a database/forum issue.


Product Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot


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I 'm probably wrong, but I'm guessing the one marked deleted means it has been deleted by the other person in the message from their account?

Have you tried with another computer/tablet?

cleared my pm box the other day,no problems...
....running old tab 4 on Android...
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Hello Chris, oooops, I'm ashamed to admit I had not tried a different computer. Have now though (Windows 10 laptop) and its the same, cannot delete :-(

Good point about the "Deleted" indication. Will try an XP computer later.

Hello Ade, thank you for feedback - I really expected this to be a general problem, but its just Me...

OK, progress :)

Prompted by Ade's mention of Android, I tried via an Android tablet and had success

I'll persevere here with my computers or firewall or such but the situation looks to be local rather than the Forum.

Thank you for all assistance, Leo
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Hi Leo. Glad you made some headway.
Keep me posted and if there are still issues I can get tech support to check why this is happening on your browser.
All the best
I just tried deleting messages using Edge browser and it works OK.
I had tried system and app updates including Java (which I think is the culprit).

Dunno what is special about Edge but it works, so end of story.

Many thanks to those who offered help, Leo
Morning Leo.
So glad you finally got it sorted out.
There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to perform a simple function.
Somtimes there must be systems or settings that remove or block the capability for these pesky little to function.
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