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I would like some opinions as to which older 16D motors had the most get up and go !
Sure, we have all come across motors that; for some odd reason or another; just flew
and were freaks. In the pics, I have shown some real fliers, and possibly the Chong is
unchallenged , but the Lenz and French are not too far behind, and the Dynamic Green Hornet
will keep up for a few laps, then slowly diminishes as it heats up. Any input, comments and
experience with these motors, and any other hot motor of the era, would be greatly appreciated!

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Wow! Some choice vintage cuts there, Zig. No idea which one is best, but they look nice 'n tasty to me....
Look, Don, seeing as it's got that messy thumbprint on it and is obviously not suitable for display, I'll take that right hand motor off you. Free up some space in your drawers, if you know what I mean.

Always anxious to help,

1 - 2 of 92 Posts
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