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I would like some opinions as to which older 16D motors had the most get up and go !
Sure, we have all come across motors that; for some odd reason or another; just flew
and were freaks. In the pics, I have shown some real fliers, and possibly the Chong is
unchallenged , but the Lenz and French are not too far behind, and the Dynamic Green Hornet
will keep up for a few laps, then slowly diminishes as it heats up. Any input, comments and
experience with these motors, and any other hot motor of the era, would be greatly appreciated!

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Warming up motor suggests bad contact and weak magnets. I would suggest you freshen up the those vintage powerplants with a good magnet zap, brush tube alignment and com cutting. THEN test them on the dyno.

Nice collection by the way.
I only have one rewind left. Seems all that I have in my hands end up going into someone else's project....

The above little Mura rewind came out of a nice ebay find that I purchased just for the U-go chassis. The motor was a bonus and turns out to be just the thing for a future project that requires such a motor. I plan to send it to John Havlicek for a com turning, new brushes and a magnet zap prior to installation. Right now it spins up nicely and sounds great! But I just know it will heat up under load. Magnets do not stay static over time and that car dated back to the late 60's making those magnets over 40 years old!
It's a shame the paint is chipping so badly, but to repaint it would destroy the historical value I figure.
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Because they, the Russkit motors, were the first of the "Can" motors. The "22" (16D) is not so rare as the "23" because the 23 came out shortly behind the 22 as an improvement in brush design. Large stocks of 22's were thusly left unsold. The 23 then became the hot ticket and a lot of professional racers set the tone for the rest of the hobby. So vast numbers of them were used in pro cars, scratchbuilts, RTR's and the like. Pretty much most of what I said about the 16D follows for the 36D as well.
1 - 3 of 92 Posts
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