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I would like some opinions as to which older 16D motors had the most get up and go !
Sure, we have all come across motors that; for some odd reason or another; just flew
and were freaks. In the pics, I have shown some real fliers, and possibly the Chong is
unchallenged , but the Lenz and French are not too far behind, and the Dynamic Green Hornet
will keep up for a few laps, then slowly diminishes as it heats up. Any input, comments and
experience with these motors, and any other hot motor of the era, would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks Howmet ! Yes please Don go for it ! You are right Don , I have many 16D motors , and some rev very hard , then you place them in a chassis , and do the laps , and just no go ! Then you can place a motor which don't rev as hard , and it goes like a scalded cat ! You would think that higher revs would propel more , but magnetic pull of armature , wire used , contacts -- the list goes on - play a huge part in overall performance ! Even two motors ( say we use 2 new Classic 16D motors for argument sake ) , they will have differing performance ---- each may have been constructed out of the same materials --- yet performance will differ . So , are we to assume that each motor out there is unique -- and like a human fingerprint ? Zig

I agree Jairus -- get those magnets pulling ! I also do a service on the comm , and brushes , and also oil the shafts either end ! For the comm ,
I use this green fluid ( reminds me of the Incredilble Hulk's urine sample ) , and it's called Voodoo Contact Enchancer . The stuff is pretty good , and you can also use it before racing , and it gives the motor a little extra zip ! Zig
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Hi Jairus , great motor you have there ! I also noticed it has gold paint under the silver Mura paint !!! If you have a look at my Lenz motor - 2nd from bottom in the stock pile picture , I placed on this thread - it too has gold paint under the blue of the Lenz paint , and both can ends are the same !!! Now those motors in gold , I am pretty sure are Russkit colours ! See if I can dig a Russkit motor up and take a pic of it ! So , why did the re-wind guys decide on these motors ? Zig

Ok , here are the Russkit motors , and I also included the Lenz motor . The Russkit motor
with the black label is a Russkit 22 , and the Red labelled Russkit is a 23 . The Lenz uses
the Russkit 23 as its cocoon . You will also notice that the comm ends differ between the
22 aand 23 . The Russkit 22 has TKK and Japan on the plastic comm end , while the
Russkit 23 and Lenz have FT-140 and Japan ! Zig

PS - you beat me to the punch Don , but great input as well , thanks !
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Don , I forgot to add ---- you are so so right about the can end on those Russkit 22 and 23 motors --- so hard to repair , especially after the milage has accrued !
The free play is huge sometimes at the can end . I have added all sorts of tiny washers , brass inserts etc , to fix the free play , but this seems to be a quick fix , and short term repair . The motors seem to lose balance when the can end luches itself ! Zig
Thanks for that Bill . Any particular type of solder I should use , in case of melt down ? Zig

Hi Joel , and thanks so much for your input . I looked at some of my spare motors ,
and the Taylor Tuned Motor , definately started life out as a Hitachi , as per my pic.

Now for the Lenz - Wow , never seen a Lenz conversion , made from a Strombeck Hemi !
That is a first for me , and no doubt for many others - thanks for including that rare motor .

Next , the mystery red over gold job ---- best I could come up with as far as ID ,
could be a Monogram ??? But I am not sure if Monogram ever sprayed over the gold of the
Russkit cans . Your motor has a Russkit can -- but the rest is a mystery to me !

I also added in my picture , this unusual Testor motor , made in Japan . You will see it has
a balanced armature -- and possibly this could be an old re-wind . So , if anybody has any
info on those Testor motors - it would be interesting to know if the armatures were balanced
as stock issue . This motor does have some serious sting ! Zig
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Thanks Don , think you solved the mysterious red on gold motor -- so it's a U -Go , I have one in 26D somewhere , but not 16D . Great stuff Z , certainly some hot motors in that collection . Mura using Hitachi cans - that is also a first for me . I have read about Certus before , using Mabuchi cans, and it was a nice re-wind . Now a question --- " Did John Cukras ever re-wind hot 16Ds ?" Zig

Ok , found my U-Go 26D , and only added this pic -- for paint comparison of Joel's motor !
Yes Don , think you are right ! My U-Go has a gold sticker on the can , but writing has long
gone . Zig
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Ok , this is a Strombeck 16D style motor , with a blue end bell or comm end as many say .
Is there a difference performance wise , between the blue and red Strombeck motors !
I have both , but to be honest , I cannot tell any difference between them . Maybe
my red Stombecks have lost the zing , and down to the blue level or vise versa .
They seem to have about the same go to me !!!! Zig
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Hey Z -- love that SS-91 motor! Quite expensive for the era as well!
Do you know much about them, and if they performed well? I have
never used a cylindrical can motor before, and am quite interested to
hear from those who have used them. Zig
Hi Ray - and hope all is well ! Yes , very interesting concept ! Does it have some serious sting like the old re-winds ? Zig
Wow Joel - could that pink Mura be a Cukras motor ? He would paint his motors that pink colour ! Don and the lads could have some info. on this . Love all the other motors you displayed also ! Zig
Fantastic stuff guys ! Rather than start another 2 threads for 26D and 36D hot re-winds or unusual motors --- YEH --- I think we can start to introduce those , to keep all the hot and unusual motors on the same thread -- and great for reference purposes ! Also , many on the forum may not have hot 16D motors , but can contribute with 26D and 36D motors ! Go for it guys ! So if Don or one of the moderators can re-classify the Topic - we will have a great thread to refer to ! Zig
Don , please tell me why you included those two Chong 26Ds on your post !!!! I was eating an apple , and nearly choked ! Don't you think it's unfair of you to have 2 of them ? Please explain this act of greed !

Joel , those motors you have are great , especially the smoker , hope you can solve the problem - have you tired patches !

Thanks John , some really nice stuff you have , and great information !

Nightrider , those Nordic motors , were they any good , and how much sting did they have ? Just curious to know as I never had one !


Chris (CJA) , I have a few 7 tooth pinions ! I'll send you a steel one and a brass one.
Just message me your address ! Zig
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Ok , some hot and some unusual motors !

Left to right - Thorp 26D , Lenz 36D , Johnson 36D and Russkit 34

The Thorp 26D , is a very strong performer , and great braking as well .
Any chassis it is placed in , always runs extremely well - a great motor !

The Lenz 36D - well it speaks for itself , high revs and great braking , just
a superior re-wind .

Now a bit of unusual - the Johnson - yet to place it in a chassis , but have
tested it on power , basically same revs as a normal 36D . But have a look
at the unusual solder points - weird !

The Russkit 34 --- well not a 26D , or a 36D - don't know what to make of it.
Never ran it in a chassis , as it has unusual proportions , huge armature - more
like a power transmitter than a slot car motor !

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Another unusual motor , is the one installed in the MPC Manta Ray .
Great speed , but just terrible braking !!!! Very unusual carbon set-up
as well !

Ok , a joke about brakes ! This guy caught his friend drinking brake fluid !
He says to his friend - " You shouldn't be drinking that stuff , it will kill you !!!"
His friend answers back "It's ok , I have it under control , I can stop anytime ????
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Does anybody have some pics of some Cukras motors , so we can differentiate them from the pink Mura motors ! Zig
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