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I would like some opinions as to which older 16D motors had the most get up and go !
Sure, we have all come across motors that; for some odd reason or another; just flew
and were freaks. In the pics, I have shown some real fliers, and possibly the Chong is
unchallenged , but the Lenz and French are not too far behind, and the Dynamic Green Hornet
will keep up for a few laps, then slowly diminishes as it heats up. Any input, comments and
experience with these motors, and any other hot motor of the era, would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Don,

I wonder if that multi-colour arm is a double wind, you know with one green and one red per pole !!??.

Pretty neat eh ??.

What we used to do !!.

vbr Chris A.
Zig, this is a great thread!

Chris, sadly, I have to work EB weekend.

Here is another skewed arm motor, Hemi based (The reason they are not popular in Slots is that smooth starting is of no benefit for us)

My Pink Mura is fitted with the arm in the foreground, I guess I could fit the one in the background.

Now a pointless Mura (I can't see any difference with a standard Mabuchi)

This time, a rewound one, Russkit 23 based (what else?)

?? Motor, ignore the Champion EB, I put that on.

Now a very ambitious home rewind (the centre of the laminations is showing through, but it is still the standard wire)

Anyone knows who made these arms?? Both have silver windings, (The colour marking may be a clue)

Another question: Standard colour wire covered with buff coloured epoxy, who made this??

Finally, as someone else posted a 26D, here is my favorite vintage motor bar none, the very elusive Mabuchi 270S.

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Some comparison "Hemi" shots and a TC32:

Large Hemi / Small Hemi:

and the two large Pactra versions together:

It would be interesting to know what the real difference is in these last two. Visually just looks like different color winds & endbells. The black has no cleaning hole, the red does. Same sticker, same gear, same can.

Years ago I bought 4 of those "Blown" Hemis (in the 1st photo) new in the boxes at a swap meet and they were always very slow and didn't even compare to the stock Hemi. Not sure what the problem is but, really not what they appear to be.

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First, Joel, those two arms look like Mura to me... I seem to remember the color combos, and Mura also did just about every combination of wire-wind, etc. ever invented!

The other arm I would say is a home-wind. I used a white epoxy at the time, Devcon, and I think a lot of other guys did too. The first Dyna motors had white epoxy, but much smoother, and they always used the cylindrical balancing holes.

That home rewind with the lams showing might be a dewind, radical style! And one of your motors also has those clips used to close it up once you had broken off the tabs, and were scared of drilling holes!

Thanks for the Hemi lesson Z - must admit I'd never noticed that STrombecker did both blue and red hemis, thought all the blueies were TC32s...

Not sure what the difference is between the two Pactra versions - and they also did a relatively rare 36D Hemi rewind, the Black Streak, with a black endbell...

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Don, it seems that the one thing that was really lacking in those days was a melt proof endbell and it's still a problem today building these vintage motors especially if you want to venture into 26d or 36d. The black Tradeships Roger sells are much better but, as I proved at the beginning of the Sunchaser series, those too will melt (if you have a shorted arm as I did.)

I guess we now have more knowledge as to what to do to prevent it but, is there a "bolt-in" remedy available? I haven't seen anything yet that meets the requirements of a vintage series other than good 'ole scratching of the parts needed, which isn't so bad I guess if you have the time & know how.

My first picture posting in a very long time, help!

Think the first is a near copy of a Champion 66 Ferrari RTR.

the underside.

A Black Widow chassis minus a motor, got a feeling it works better this way!

Orange Picker with original box.

A pair of well used Nordic Gold Star motors, affordable rewinds from my youth.

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Thanks John, always glad to see you posting!

Nice to see the Nordic motors, since I just picked up a couple well used versions. Were they just rewound, or did they have heavy-duty mags, etc.? I see the can clips made it over to your side of the pond too! How did they run compared to a Champion say? (speaking of which, nice Orange Picker - can I have it? )

You're right, the Black Widow probably runs better with only one motor, but it looks kind of naked like that... Is that your own rewind?

And yes, the Champion Ferrari really looks like an original! I think this was supposed to be about the fastest RTR car of the time, but it also cost something like $19.95, which was many weeks and months of pocket money for us kids... Still, compared to $15 for a Manta Ray, not that expensive...


PS: Z, just saw your post. Easy, if we all run Pittman DC706s that will eliminate the melting endbell problem!
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Hi Don
Nordic produced two motors, the Silver Star was intended for low power tracks and the Gold Star for use on the raceways.
I have been told that they were the work of a local racer [to Nordics in Southall West London] called Wally Pooley, think that's how you spell it!
These were stripped down Mabuchi 16d, in the case of the Gold Star the can was painted gold and the armature rewound, epoxied and balanced, probably static balancing but all the rest was standard.
As far as I can tell the magnets were standard Mabuchi's but a Mk2 version was later sold which had the Hitachi Rikochet magnets fitted [glued in], at the time these were considered to be superior to the standard Mabuchi magnets, they certainly clonked more than the Mabuchi's but not sure they were actually any better!
Have no idea what the wind was but I would think it's along the line's of 60+ turns of approx 32 swg, never been able to take one apart to find out due to the quite heavy epoxy.
Not in the same class as the Mura's and Champion of the time but quite a bit cheaper and don't forget that not all raceway goers were pro racers, most were just kids wanting to get there Riko kit to go faster than his mate's so these motors were cheap and more than capable.
Yes the Black Widow is a rewind, had a small spool of Simco wire so did it 60 turns of 30awg, also installed period after market 16d mags but have a feeling this might be a little too hot in this chassis!
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A pair of well used Nordic Gold Star motors, affordable rewinds from my youth.


Good to hear Nordic Models mentioned that takes me back to my youth, many a good time had there !

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Dark, dingy and unkept sounds like most of the uk slot clubs I have attended in the last 30 years!

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hi john
Certsainly dick and I used nordic gold stars for area meets during 1968 and they were very competitive in ECRA racing and quite popular in the london area
I seem to remember they followed up with a MK2 gold star which for some reason was nowhere near as good as the original
The silver star I remember as being a much milder wind
Dark ,dingy ? I seem to remeber nordic as Being quite luxurious compared to some of the dives we frequented in those days

cheers tony
Sorry, Nightrider, I may have erased your original dark & dingy comment when I deleted what I thought was a duplicate post...

Back to the motors, I may have been wrong about not having a rewind based on the K&B Wildcat (16D endbell drive with floating bearing, the only one of its kind...). Here's one from the Charlie Morito legacy that just turned up on ebay in the last few months, after disappearing for some years since his untimely demise... Not sure if CO was a brand, but it rings a vague bell, perhaps from Champagne, Illinois.. Looks like kind of an official label, but in a funny place for cooling...

A Mura rewind of Charlie's with home-made elephant ears/cooling-bussbars?

And a very interesting experiment, which we will never know if he finished: stuffing a Versitec/Globe 5-pole arm in a Russkit can, with ball bearing... Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Russitec!

To answer two earlier questions, first, a U-Go 26D with original label - the can shade looks about right:

And a tricolor 26D, perhaps a commercial rewind? can is orange painted blue or vice versa, and the back in Russkit gold! got me...

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Hey Guys,

look at the other details, this thread is brilliant.

Nordic Silver, Nordic Gold, whatever. I used to rewind Revell & Riko MKI with 60x32G, and consider oneself fortunate !!!??.

BUT, then we had to upgrade our power supply. Triang Trans to 12v battery with trickle charge !!!!!. Wasn't it ever just the same !!.

Can anyone else see a 7t pinion, Jeez, I would like one today.

What about the can bearings, we used to solder solid.

Rikochet MKI mags were the best though, we used to buy motors for the mags and mate with all sorts of others, like RikoFlashMKII.

I don't really know why, but my favourite ever motor was a Revell "Wild-One" 26D Rewind, honest, don't know why, but it was !!. Still got it !!.

I had it mounted anglewinder style, ( before the term was invented ), with Taylormade gears, in a brass rod chassis, Chevy Camaro.

Cheers Guys, Chris.

We were only club racers, although I did visit Hounslow Model Raceway once as a birthday treat from my Dad, some treat from Staffordshire !!.

VBR Chris A.
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Fantastic stuff guys ! Rather than start another 2 threads for 26D and 36D hot re-winds or unusual motors --- YEH --- I think we can start to introduce those , to keep all the hot and unusual motors on the same thread -- and great for reference purposes ! Also , many on the forum may not have hot 16D motors , but can contribute with 26D and 36D motors ! Go for it guys ! So if Don or one of the moderators can re-classify the Topic - we will have a great thread to refer to ! Zig
QUOTE Dark, dingy and unkept sounds like most of the uk slot clubs I have attended in the last 30 years!

...and it unfortunately gets even darker and dingier as we get older so, I came up with a cure for that:

Back to our regularly scheduled program....

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Don , please tell me why you included those two Chong 26Ds on your post !!!! I was eating an apple , and nearly choked ! Don't you think it's unfair of you to have 2 of them ? Please explain this act of greed !

Joel , those motors you have are great , especially the smoker , hope you can solve the problem - have you tired patches !

Thanks John , some really nice stuff you have , and great information !

Nightrider , those Nordic motors , were they any good , and how much sting did they have ? Just curious to know as I never had one !


Chris (CJA) , I have a few 7 tooth pinions ! I'll send you a steel one and a brass one.
Just message me your address ! Zig
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Ey Up,

there you are Joel, not so good but taken with my phone !!.

Thanks John for posting them up.

vbr Chris.
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Beautiful chassis/motor combo, brings tears to my eyes...

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