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I would like some opinions as to which older 16D motors had the most get up and go !
Sure, we have all come across motors that; for some odd reason or another; just flew
and were freaks. In the pics, I have shown some real fliers, and possibly the Chong is
unchallenged , but the Lenz and French are not too far behind, and the Dynamic Green Hornet
will keep up for a few laps, then slowly diminishes as it heats up. Any input, comments and
experience with these motors, and any other hot motor of the era, would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Don,

Thanks, it does same to me, as well.

Pieced together from bay of E over a few years,

The chassis was brand new, and the motor I had previously bought, seemed to be appropriate !!.

Wheels from Andy BS.

VBR Chris A.

Ok , some hot and some unusual motors !

Left to right - Thorp 26D , Lenz 36D , Johnson 36D and Russkit 34

The Thorp 26D , is a very strong performer , and great braking as well .
Any chassis it is placed in , always runs extremely well - a great motor !

The Lenz 36D - well it speaks for itself , high revs and great braking , just
a superior re-wind .

Now a bit of unusual - the Johnson - yet to place it in a chassis , but have
tested it on power , basically same revs as a normal 36D . But have a look
at the unusual solder points - weird !

The Russkit 34 --- well not a 26D , or a 36D - don't know what to make of it.
Never ran it in a chassis , as it has unusual proportions , huge armature - more
like a power transmitter than a slot car motor !

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Here are a few fast FT36s

First is by Howkill

Next is a Green Hornet done by Dynamic.

Third is unknown, but it does look like the first one (Russkit can painted metalic blue)

Now a couple of 26Ds

First a metalic red one (same colour as the 16D shown further up the thread).

As it says on the tin.

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Another unusual motor , is the one installed in the MPC Manta Ray .
Great speed , but just terrible braking !!!! Very unusual carbon set-up
as well !

Ok , a joke about brakes ! This guy caught his friend drinking brake fluid !
He says to his friend - " You shouldn't be drinking that stuff , it will kill you !!!"
His friend answers back "It's ok , I have it under control , I can stop anytime ????
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Does anybody have some pics of some Cukras motors , so we can differentiate them from the pink Mura motors ! Zig
I have a Flower Power motor Zig, but seem to have misplaced it for now...

But the Cukras motors were by Mura, it was just his "signature". And I also have a Cukras signed armature in one motor, not sure if that was Mura...
Ey Up Guys,

just look at that "Manta Ray" motor.

The arm must have peculiar comm timing judging by the brush position !!.

Or, is that why it had prodigous speed but no brakes ??.

Very interesting non-theless.

Brilliant thread.

vbr Chris A.
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A couple more hot 36Ds:

The Green Hornet before (or after) it was Dynamic

The Dynamic version

Another French, and a Champion 707, still a beast, plus the earlier and rarer 705!

Another Lenz, or at least an ad for one...

And a Strombecker Hemi 400 AT (adjustable timing), stock, but theoretically higher performance...

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Yep, possible* - if you want to try, I'll give you one!


* I think, actually haven't tried, but they seem to be adjustable separately if I remember right.
Thanks for the kind offer Don but I'm a Pittcan man, remember

Enjoying the thread though!
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A few 36 size motors to start with.

Probably the only way to stop your endbell melting

A Cox Nascar with Ramboochi modification (new armature and new endbell) The performance is actually quite disappointing, the arm shaft is soft and wears out very fast. Mine had to be fitted with ball bearings to stop it self distructing.

A 36D with unusual vertical cut balancing.

There are 2 types of Johnson 333, one is a copy of the 36D, this is the other one.

A pair of Rikostreak, Mk1 and Mk2. To me it looks as if the Mk2 version is a copy of the Mk1 but made by somone else (which seemed to be the norm with Riko)

Finally, a Cobra 26D.

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Wow Joel - what can I say - I thought I had a good collection of re-winds and unusual - but yours is amazing ! Great to see your posts each time , and thanks so much - you have moved this thread along brilliantly ! Naturally , the hoarder (Don) , is fantastic as well , with his endless contributions - well I better go easy on him I guess , he did send me a Hitachi motor ages ago - thanks Don ! Zig
Zig, glad to be of service; and it's always nice to show off the old collection.

Now, if I am allowed to show unusual motor (as opposed to just "hot" ones), then I have a few more I can post.


I think you could start a whole new thread on unusual motors, and I hope you do!

A few more hotties coming up as soon as I resize them and upload...

Here's a few more, starting with 36D and 26D. First, one of my Ram-Boochi motors, this one in a special lightened version and installed in an old GarVic frame, with dual friction drive! Actually runs very well, not disappointed at all...

A home-brewed version, sort of in the same vein, with Pittman style brushes, and a magnet shim. Looks like a regular 3-pole Mabuchi arm and can't tell about the magnets...

Cox's own attempt at a hotter motor, the Super Nascar, in 36D version...

And of course, the original hot can motor - the Globe Industries SS91 Screamer, released back in 1964 for rich slot racers - it was $15 at the time, but aerospace quality...

A strange in-between size, sourced from god knows where, especially known as the Mark 21, the only product of the Magnet Motor Corp, but also released by Classic, as the CM-550 I think - had never heard about this until I saw it on ebay and the forums. This would also make a good kickoff for our unusual motor thread...

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26D land...

The Dynamic Green Hornet. I think Philippe has said this was actually a dewind, and subject to failure (at least the 16D version). But my 26D has already been very successful in several vintage races, after its initial career in England 40 odd years ago...

A French 26D in the ubiquitous Dynamic frame...

Home-brewed Champion style 26D, with Arco magnets and lots of cooling holes!

The model for the above, a Champion 607 (still based on the Mabuchi can, before Champion went to their own cans on the 517 and 617 series...

A Phaze III 26D, pretty much the same thing as the Cobra shown by Joel - either the same company, or they merged at some point.

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And back to 16D style motors of the chaud variety...

First a couple later generation Mabuchis, the orange one of course by Classic (another relatively uncommon model from this company, which seems to have provided an awful lot of 16Ds and especially 26Ds for home rewinding). The other seems to be a factory sample from Mabuchi, and I think that's what I bought it as...

I kind of missed the whole label on this one, but it's a Hem-Buchi, combining the stronger magnets and better can of the Hemi, with the easier to use Mabuchi brushes... not sure about the arm. It was "developed for Tradeship", perhaps by Mura...

The Dynamic Green Hornet, 16D style...

One of my later motors, a Champion I believe - maybe somebody recognizes the model?

A couple early Champion 507 style motors, still using the blue Hawk cans.... The one with the label was probably from a kit, altho not sure about that.

And here's a nice motor with the Cukras signed arm I mentioned earlier, perhaps a B can?

All for now...
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Wow Don , you have blown me out , with the motors you have ! Is there anything you and Joel don't have in your collections ? Zig
I don't think either of us has any or many of the later Dyna, Champion and Mura rewinds, MIB... you have to go to the LASCM for that! And they're not the only ones who collect these motors, since they always seem to go very high on ebay....

In fact, motors are one of the main things I collect, so I've always been kind of focused on that part of the collection, and like to find unusual pieces - as does Joel I realized!

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