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I would like some opinions as to which older 16D motors had the most get up and go !
Sure, we have all come across motors that; for some odd reason or another; just flew
and were freaks. In the pics, I have shown some real fliers, and possibly the Chong is
unchallenged , but the Lenz and French are not too far behind, and the Dynamic Green Hornet
will keep up for a few laps, then slowly diminishes as it heats up. Any input, comments and
experience with these motors, and any other hot motor of the era, would be greatly appreciated!

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I must admit Don , I also like to collect motors as well ! The weird , the unusual , the re-winds , basically any motor to do with slot cars ! I wish those old re-winds were not so hard to come by - almost impossible to find the re-winds from the 60s nowadays ! I also noticed ,
apart from your NOS packaged motors , all our oldies have taken a hammering - so we have all enjoyed their extra sting ! For me personally ,
I cannot go past the Chong and Lenz motors - they are so consistant in performance , and how did they work the brakes out so well , back
in the 60s ? Yes , I have pulled a Lenz 16D apart (armature was gone ) , noted the turns , and gauge of wire , even the solder , measured the
magnetic pull of the magnets in the can ----and upped the pull - and wow I have some great and really fast motors now ! So , when I re-wind
motors now - I stick to the Lenz recipe , and it works ! Only problem I have in Australia , and where I live , the enamelled wire gauge is metric ,
and my calculations are close to Lenz specs , but not precise ! But I am happy with performance - I only have to beat my own time these days !
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why do russkit motors seem to command high value when their cans can not be "rebeared" and champion or cox or kb and others can be renewed ....
Because they, the Russkit motors, were the first of the "Can" motors. The "22" (16D) is not so rare as the "23" because the 23 came out shortly behind the 22 as an improvement in brush design. Large stocks of 22's were thusly left unsold. The 23 then became the hot ticket and a lot of professional racers set the tone for the rest of the hobby. So vast numbers of them were used in pro cars, scratchbuilts, RTR's and the like. Pretty much most of what I said about the 16D follows for the 36D as well.
janj86 , are you referring to the Russkit 16D , the small gold motor ? If so , Lenz used to rewind those small motors , and made some really nice hot motors ! I have rewound the Russkit 16D motors also - not hard to do ! You can also place another 16D armature in them as well , but to do this , you have to cut off the opposite shaft to the commutator at the correct length to suit the Russkit can ! zig
Lenz also rewound the Russkit 36D motors , and they have some serious kick ! Zig

Left is the Lenz 16D - you can see some of the gold Russkit paint under the Lenz blue finish .
Middle is a standard Russkit 36D - in the standard gold colour !
Right we have the Lenz 36D , again , the gold Russkit paint is showing ! Zig
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Left - Russkit 22 , middle Russkit 23 ( Jairus referred to this faster motor ) and right ,
the Lenz rewind of a Russkit 16D motor ! Zig
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Motor porn!

Thanks Zig, I see we share certain tastes...

Russkit wasn't the first to come out with a can (that was Revell, with the SP500, and I think the Monogram Tiger X100 version as well), but it was the first to be advertised as a "hot" version, and especially with the 23, as Jairus says, they become synonomous with higher performance cans...

Lenz wasn't the only one to use Russkit motors for their rewinds.

The other reason is that for awhile, the pros preferred the endbell drive 16Ds with heat sinks, and Russkit was one of the few to make this version! Most of the others were can-drive, except for the K&B Wildcat, which was endbell drive with a floating can bearing, instead of the blind bearing on the Russkit. I used it for a rewind, but the pros didn't...

Thanks Don , you know , it is strange that we are talking about Russkit motors ! Would you believe it , I had my cars with the Russkit 16Ds placed in them , and the Russkit 16Ds and in my collection , also some of my 16D Monogram motors - and every so often I will place some fine oil in the can end ( or heat sink end as you called it ) - this gets them up and going ! I find that after about a year , they become dry in the heat sink end , and really need lubrication ! I done them yesterday would you believe ! I use that Liquid Bearings oil , and it really is great stuff ! Zig
I have a Champion ballraced 607 26D with a rewound and ballanced 28 gauge armature which also has a current Group C commutator and Group C brush gear springs and brushes. The magnets have been zapped, shimmed and honed to match the dia of the armature. It is a screamer and I'm just trying to decide which retro project it will go in
Zig, what's the liquid bearings oil? I just use whatever slot car oil I have on hand and it seems to work fine. I'm just restoring an old 1/32 Indy Turbine with a pan chassis and stock Russkit 22 motor, and the thing spins up and sounds very strong!

Did another one recently, a Monogram X-100 that seems to have been rewound - it wouldn't turn over, but couldn't see any broken wires, so took it apart and realized the brushes were frozen solid, for an unknown reason - cleaned off, filed down and now it spins very well!

When not overwound, these things are amazingly sturdy!


Hi Don , this is the small bottle of Liquid Bearings I was referring to ! Fully synthetic oil !
Most likely it is very similar to the modern day synthetic oil used for high technology motors !
Possibly along the lines of 5W 40 motor oil ! Got it on ebay ages ago ! Zig

Ages ago , I had a Russkit 22 motor , and I wanted to use the can end , so I drilled
through the can end , placed a few tiny steel washers at that end , and the motor went
well !

Below is a pic of the Russkit 22 and the Revell SP500 , both are made by TKK of Japan !

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