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Capacitors and other electronics?

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1) Hi Ive heard that some fly cars have a capacitor in their lighting set up, it seems like a good idea to me, does anyone know the specifics on this capacitor or upload a macro picture of it. I would like to try wiring a capacitor into one of my lighting setups.

2) Has anybody wired sound into their cars? If so do tell...

3) Feel free anybody to please chime in with electronic ideas for cars.
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The capacitor used is a "Goldcap"but this term won't help you if don't live in a native english country, at least that was my case, so when buying it ask to your retailer a capacitor which can be used as a backup capacitor or battery.
These specs should be OK:
+ 5V
+ 0.22F
That the one I am using to light my cars. But you can use a smaller capacity 0.1F is fine as well. Bigger the capacity is longer the light will remain on when the car is unpowered. 0.22F lasts for eternity (almost 5mn).

In order to have always the same light intensity a voltage regulator can be used as well and I have read somewhere that goldcap can popup if too much voltage is applied to it. I don't know what kind of power supply you are using but potentially your goldcap could receive up to 16-20V and that can be too much for a goldcap stamped for 5V. That's why a 5 or 6 V voltage regulator can be used.
You can check out an article about lightening slot cars at it helped me lot.

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