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Capri - Racer Sideways

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As Nick mentioned on Friday the new Capri from Racer (Sideways). With running gear.

Pics here (internal shots at the bottom of the pics).

I will order one up and hopefully have it for Friday for us to try out.
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Sideways "Racer" Capri is on its way. Look at this nice livery that is coming soon...
Yeah, the Lancia looks good too. (Similar to the FLY Versions)

Lancia here:
Yes, mine should be arriving Thursday (tomorrow)
The Capri has just arrived from Top Slot and Trains!
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Ashley has just pointed out to me that Pendle's are selling the Racer "Sideways" Capri kit (Bodyshell/Chassis) no motor/wheels for £25.

Seems a good way of using old parts we have to get them going for less cash. Also the Lancia is due out August and next Capri in Sept, so might be able to do a Racer "Sideways Series" in 2013!
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Didn't win as the Racer is quite off the pace of a normal car.
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