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Hi All, long time since i've been on here but as I now only do loft racing I dont feel like I need approx 80 to 90 cars, so i'm going to have a good clear out and get down to 10-15.

For those who know me and my cars and live locally to Langley, Slough, please feel free to get in touch and maybe you could pop round and see if there is anything you fancy. I'll give that a coupla weeks and in the mean time I will make up a list of what is going ready to post, and also try to get the cars back into some sort of condition to sell as nearly all have been modified for racing. I also have quite a few home made liverys or copies of liveries painted by myself, so you could have something that would be unique and really stand out.

As an early heads up, I have so far sorted out:-

4 1/24th cars, BRM Porsche 962 Leyton House, Toyota 88C Taka-q, Scaleauto Porsche, I think it's Penthouse livery and a Aston Martin DBR9 Gulf livery, Carrera body and brass chassis, I bought it from Pendle's for £150 cars, I have about 23, 3 have gone, I have the list at home and will post it later. 4 x Avant slot GT cars

In the coming weeks i'll have about 12 to 13 Fly classics, some ninco JGTC and other Nincos, Gallardo and Clio's spring to mind, a few Scaley and some other bits and bobs, as I say, I need to sort it all out.

If there is a dealer out there that reads this, i would be interested in selling the lot in one go.

So, let me know if your interested, [email protected] is best
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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