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Car Decoder issues

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Hi Guys,
Just post any car decoder questions or issues here.

Most basic question: Do I need ferrite man? If so where? What happens if I still have issues.

Different motors and tracks have different characteristics. So with some tracks and motors you need various protection.
The most basic is you do need a ferrite asnd capacitor combination on the motor end.

I havent really noticed a lot of benefit from putting a ferritre man on the braids but I wont dismiss this until more testing is done.

Next and last measure of protection is an additional earth wire. Here we allowed 2 large easy to solder to pads on the rear of the csar decoder. Use a file to remove a fraction of paint/dirt etc of motor can. Use say a 25W soldering iron on the motor end and say 15W soldering iron for car decoder end. Always tin all surfaces before "fusing" together. Practice on old stuff before attempting.

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Rick a few post back you mentiond that the CAPACITOR was not needed. Where you refering to the large black capacitor on the chip itsself?

If so that is great news, it just makes the chip that much smaller.
Ok thank you for clarifying. Now will the chip work without the large capacitor it has sitting on it. I know some people will move it. But can it be ommited in some cases or is it vital?
can you post a pic please? - I wonder if it will be the same for the NSR Vette. Either way thanks for sharing and good to know. My 997 was/is still on the list for Scorpius chipping.
The NSR motors are ok to run - what is the hottest motor you have tested rick? I want to chip whatever car I buy with confidence. Have you tried one of the Avant slot truck? (dual motors)
QUOTE (injectorman @ 21 Jul 2011, 00:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You dont need a pic, just look at the 997 chassis you can see easily what I mean

Sorry Im not into trucks. Im into racing.
Hot motors for digital are too fast to change lanes anyway, but Ive tested 30K Sharks no problems.
Sorry digital chips whatever brand wont suit whatever car you buy.
Try hitting any brand LC at completely flat out speed and it will deslot regardless. Especially your Ninco track where 18K Scaley or 20K Sharkds etc motors are best suited.


QUOTE Sorry Im not into trucks. Im into racing. um... some people (not I particularly) are into racing raid trucks. The concept seem fun I guess. Thanks for your reply.
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1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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