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Car Decoder issues

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Hi Guys,
Just post any car decoder questions or issues here.

Most basic question: Do I need ferrite man? If so where? What happens if I still have issues.

Different motors and tracks have different characteristics. So with some tracks and motors you need various protection.
The most basic is you do need a ferrite asnd capacitor combination on the motor end.

I havent really noticed a lot of benefit from putting a ferritre man on the braids but I wont dismiss this until more testing is done.

Next and last measure of protection is an additional earth wire. Here we allowed 2 large easy to solder to pads on the rear of the csar decoder. Use a file to remove a fraction of paint/dirt etc of motor can. Use say a 25W soldering iron on the motor end and say 15W soldering iron for car decoder end. Always tin all surfaces before "fusing" together. Practice on old stuff before attempting.

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Could you show pictures of capacitor and ferrite. Will perhaps be easier than a hazardous French translation.
If those are needed, I will probably need to find a couple of those. I think that I was removing them and throwing them away in the past :-(


Can you hot glue the car decoder itself on the car chassis, not just the phototransistor ? or should the car decoder be taped inside the car ?



My antennas are 34mm. Do you confirm that I should cut them at 28mm ?
The cars are running fine with 34mm.

I did not yet test the lap counting. Could the false antenna length have an influence on this?

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