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In cars having no issues, i have followed the rules like pointed out in the beginning: straight as possible, away from the decoder in a straight angle, away from the motor, no wires (metal) on top of the antenna.

With cars having lap counting issues, I have experienced better reception (that is to say, no more missed laps) after repositioning the car decoder antenna.
In most cars, i managed to position the antenna (sort of) to shape D: straight up, then a slight bend into the cockpit.
In this way, the antenna tip would be higher than any metal part or wire in the car.

It seems like some cars are very forgiving when it comes to antenna positioning, others very demanding.
My Ninco Mosler kept having issues until i positioned the antenna straight up, into the cockpit. My SCX Bugatti however, is on the inside crowded with wires and stuff, the antenna lies suboptimal in the car but it has not missed a single lap - and it has made quite some laps the past weeks.

I have three questions:
1. How come this new advice - out of testing, empiric / experience, or some other source?

2. it try to understand why the antenna length is so critical for good reception - will a too long antenna have distorted reception / broadcasting? I'm not into R/F tech knowledge, but i'd like to understand it.

3. My english fails me at times: what exactly is a kink in the middle? shape A (straight up, then somewhere 90 degrees bend), B (small S or Z shape), C (big S or Z) or D (like i have in most cases)?

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