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Car decoder

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Hi Guys,
Installation guide 1.8 is the next update to be released.

Here however is the car decoder update as shown below.

Note some insulation tape was added to the braid cap and ferrite to prevent possible shorting on front axle. Left off for clarity.

Also note the antenna is pointing directly up, and torwards camera lens so is barely noticeable, but it is at bottom left hand side of the casr decoder PCB.

Folllow the picture, 6 things you should know :

1)Twist motor, braid and phototransistor wires together as shown. This is simply referred to as a twisted pair and helps shield unwanted RF. Add a dab of hotglue between wires on the PCB prior to twisting. This ensures the uninsulated parts of the wires do not come into contact during twisting.

2)Install ceramic 102 capacitors and ferrites on both motor and braid wires. We are currently experimenting with other values.

3)Ensure no braid, motor or LEDS wires adjacent antenna. Point antenna straight up vertical pointing for the sky. Antenna must project into cockpit if in the way.
Plan your install before going ahead.

4)Solder earth wire to motor can.

5)Use softer type braid, and ensure equal length and height. Sparing use of Inox can often help ensure better power to braids.

6)If for any reason you need to place the 470uF capacitor on a fly lead observe polarity or the chip will blow.
Shorting motor wires will blow the chip.
Shorting the braid wires will stop operation but will not blow the chip.
Polarity on the phototransistor is important.

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about 9 month ago we had the discussion to add ferrites and capacitors to te chip/motor.
My original carrera chipped cars had this capacitors already, but no ferrites.
We all agree that these parts are not necessery and even disturb the chip..
In some cases i also have shorten the cables to the motor.....
One of my decoder was already defect (i mentioned in a seperate email to you) but this was during my pretesting before installation in the car.

Does this mean i have now to dismantle my 12 cars and start again?
Or is this a recommendation for the upcoming deliveries?

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