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Nobby Berkshire
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People can go overboard on what are mainly unecessary things like this. Most slotcars run at peak performance with no additives, but if you are itching to do this kind of stuff then:

1. A pinprick of 3-in-1 oil at each end of the motor rotor pole (just do this once when the car has done a few laps).

2. A thin wipe of Vaseline around the pickup guide shaft (where it slides up the chassis anchor) just once when the car is new.

3. Wipe your braids with a cottonbud soaked in liquid lighter fuel every time they start to go black with oxidised metal from the track rails.

4. Fit tyres that are soft enough to grip without chemical additives and clean them regularly with sticky tape to keep the accumulated dust off.

5. An occassional clean of your gearmesh (about once or twice a year if you use the car loads) with a cottonbud soaked in liquid lighter fuel and a good pick at all the fluff that gets bound up in there. Then relube with a very small amount of Vaseline or thick synthetic grease.
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