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Car rules vs controller rules

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Until recently, I would always have supported the freedom to buy and use 'the best' controller 'you' can afford. All the bells and whistles 'you' like and the more adjustability the better.

But recently, I have been compelled to consider a different angle.
It was very sensibly put to me that, if a bunch of people with a variety of disposable incomes want to enjoy FAIR and enjoyable racing together, yet they still permit 'sky's the limit' expenditure on controllers, this has near as dammit the same ability to disrupt the group as allowing unlimited mods to the cars. Hmmm!

I have to admit the fellow made an excellent point.
There would be no problem with open racing (depending on the rules as always), but in a friendly group environment it could easily result in the group falling apart. Just to clarify - if 'you' can afford an all-singing all-dancing DiFalco, for example, should 'you' be allowed to use it in competition with a bunch of your buddies who can't? If you insist, you are going to pee them all of them off and you may end up witth no one to race! Conversely, if they insist, they are going to pee 'you' off - all that money and not be allowed to to use it? Come ON chaps, you have to be joking!

I haven't made my mind up, but it's worth some thoughtful consideration, I believe.
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Cox MKVII Rulz!

Freedom for Oppressed Controllers!

Free the Whales!

Liberate the Constricted Boas!

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I have seen many of those and has a few myself. But I have really no clue at this time of who made them. It would take a bit of reserach in the old mags, and Don Siegel probably knows.

OK, I have to re-phrase this: I KNEW what company made these, I just forgot because it is not really important... First, controllers are boring, and second, controllers are even more boring.

Now, such controllers as Brian describes were very popular at the time when you could not buy a RTR car because no one made any except for the rather mediocre 1/32 scale plastic junk from UK or USA, and you had to make your own from either brass chassis kits or scratchbuild from the few bits and pieces available. We are talking 1959 to 1963 here. Several companies in fact made similar controllers, some of them had a bicycle handlebar plastic handle, some did not.
It is not ANY of the well-known companies, and definitely NOT Towerstat. It is an obscure name and I can't recall right now because after a certain age, the brain cells are becoming cottage cheese and I am right about there now.
So I tell you what, the next time I run across a pic or an ad for these, I'll post the results and everyone will be happy.
This was also the era of really WEIRD controllers, and I have a few boxes full of these things, from "electronic" to analog, from intensely funny to down ridiculous. Cox and MRC took care of everybody after 1964. Russkit put everyone to the same level by 1969. Scalextric has still not learned how to build a decent one by 2003, and Carrera still has its 1965 Atlas copy in every set they sold ever since.

Mr. Pea
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