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At Molesey we made our own caravan from laminated A4 paper... Quite a simple design - One peice made the roof, front rear and sides - with gluing tabs. Using a cut out and score technique - glued togethor using hot glue. Chassis was also from laminated paper, with a set of spare bearings, glued the axle in line (any axle from a ninco car- mine a CLK) - towing hook from a bent paperclip - and a paper clip bent to form a hitch on the caravan.

They produced hours of fun, and caused no damage on crashing as they were extremely light. Al cars were Ninco Callaways running on NC2's....

The cheif designer - made a set of mobile toilets, a hot dog van, a horse box and even a tanker trailer using the same method.... If only I'd got a pic...

Awesome fun.... Domejud... are they still parked around the Pikie site at fire exit bend???? Post a photo m8....

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