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Carbon Fibre Chassis

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My first ever scratchbuilt chassis is ready. It's made for the world proxy race this year (I'm only sending it off to the British rounds because I missed the first one already, d'oh!).

Here's a picture:

Chassis Pics

Took about 2-3 hours after the sheets arrived in the mail today. Still needs some tweaking, bigger front tyres and raise the front axel. Also got to put the body mounting stuff in. Body's off to the spray shop this week and decals to follow... Watch this space...

I can (and will) make more, so if anyone would like to purchase one... (just the cut out that is)

What do you think?
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It weighs about 50g, which is about the same as a Slot.It Audi chassis. But it does have alot of brass and solder at the front end. I will add more weight underneath to make it handle better. Testing soon at a wooden track near you...

Yeah, damn aussies... living so far away, with all the extra postage... lol

Na, I'm just making sure I got everything ironed out before I send it off. I don't have much chance to get to a routed track to test, so it could be a month before it's even tested. Crime! I don't know when the aussie rounds start anyway, when are they? In fact does anyone have a calendar of all the dates? Then I could get it to the first one I can, when it's ready.

What do you think though? The CF has got to be the easiest material that I've ever worked with. The chassis was pretty easy to build, but I bet it'll handle like a dog, just my luck. I'll keep you posted.

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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