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Carbon rod?

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Hi all, have any of you used Carbon rod? Been looking for Plastic, around the 1mm dia. size. could not find any. but found this Carbon stuff. Very strong and light.
Question is. What glue to use? Nothing I have will glue two parts together.

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What is this Carbon Rod stuff?

Just in case you can't stick it - 1mm rod on the Bay
Very interesting -I can find it easily on the modelling sites but none of them give any information on its composition. Looking further it must be Pultruded Carbon Fibre Rod which is basically carbon fibre strands and resin, in which case it should be easy to stick with CA or definitely 2 part epoxy - maybe it had some release agent on it? Either way I'm going to get some and give it a try as an alternative to styrene.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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