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Carbon rod?

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Hi all, have any of you used Carbon rod? Been looking for Plastic, around the 1mm dia. size. could not find any. but found this Carbon stuff. Very strong and light.
Question is. What glue to use? Nothing I have will glue two parts together.

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Hi Andy

Just checked my Squires catalogue, they sell 1mm (.040) plastic rod. At least they did 1n 2007.

Regards Keith

Squires have a large store just along the coast from you at Bognor Regis. They specialise modelling tools, materials, electronic components etc, but most model stores carry a similar range of plastic materials.

Andy, I wasn't expecting you to travel to BR especially for a bit of plastic rod
, I thought you and Dave may be going back that way to visit the RC shop again. If you want I will pick you up some next time I visit my local HS.

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Plastrut, that's the stuff I was on about Andy, if you can't get it from your LHS then I think hobbycraft sell it.

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