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Carbon rod?

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Hi all, have any of you used Carbon rod? Been looking for Plastic, around the 1mm dia. size. could not find any. but found this Carbon stuff. Very strong and light.
Question is. What glue to use? Nothing I have will glue two parts together.

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QUOTE (Keef921 @ 16 Jun 2011, 18:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Andy

Just checked my Squires catalogue, they sell 1mm (.040) plastic rod. At least they did 1n 2007.

Regards Keith

OK Keith. Who are Squires?

I have tried B&Q Epoxy. 'FAILED'

Thanks for that. Will get some better epoxy, Araldite in the morning. and do as you instruct.
I'm trying to build a roll cage, BTW.
OK, thanks, BR, for a 1mtr plastic rod, 1mm in dia., 1.50 at most. Petrol, £20. OK,
My local shop, Hobby Store, RC stuff, but very good. Do not sell Plastic rod, only this carbon stuff, which, I must say is VG.
Thanks Keith......When is Dave going down to BR???? ;-) ;-)
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I bought it from 'Hobby Stores' in Southampton. Funny thing is, it's not listed on their web site.
It's a black rod, about a MTR in length. All sizes. the size I bought was 1mm in dia, £1.98, largest size about 4mm at £11.xx. You cannot bend it like plastic (or Beckham). very smooth. Strong.
Thanks for the link above, may buy some of that STYRENE WHITE ROD.
QUOTE (Keef921 @ 17 Jun 2011, 10:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Andy, I wasn't expecting you to travel to BR especially for a bit of plastic rod
, I thought you and Dave may be going back that way to visit the RC shop again. If you want I will pick you up some next time I visit my local HS.



Sorry Keith, just my sense of humour coming out. It's the sort of thing I would have done years ago. Just jump in the car, travel 10,000miles just to buy something that cost 1p, only to find, that if I looked over my left shoulder, I would have been able to buy it from the building next door.

QUOTE (highbarn @ 17 Jun 2011, 11:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Very interesting -I can find it easily on the modelling sites but none of them give any information on its composition. Looking further it must be Pultruded Carbon Fibre Rod which is basically carbon fibre strands and resin, in which case it should be easy to stick with CA or definitely 2 part epoxy - maybe it had some release agent on it? Either way I'm going to get some and give it a try as an alternative to styrene.

I'll try that next, give it a good clean with nail polish remover.
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There would be bends, sanding off corners. I'll check out this 'Plastruct butyrate covered wire' stuff though. Even if it means shipping in from the US.
OK Keith, I'll check that out.
I think I was looking at that when I was there buying the carbon. Will take a better look. Got to go back and get Scalpel blades. I forgot.
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