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Carerra lemans shoot out

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Now that at least half the slot racers in the UK have a carrera lemans set or 47 why dont we race the things,
What Im proposing is we orginise a race meet to run the Bentleys and Audis we all now have , I ran a small event a couple of weeks ago in the villiage hall using 4 of mine and the results were great.We have tried them on pendle and preston and they run quite well with a minimum amount of work.
Let me know if any ones intrested and Ill start the ball rolling.
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Hi Graham,
i will have a go! ive always fancied tuning up one of those carrera Bentleys. they look superb and will be great fun to race.
HI Grah, Jim

Spoken to wscc guys, they said that wrexham would be willing to hold it.

These run pretty well, wrexham slot car club even use them as house cars as I recently found out.

What kind of mods allowed?

I want to stick an NC3 in mine, so tell me if this kind of thing is too far...

Would we run standard axels and stuff or what?

Definatly up for it, but try to make the location a bit more southern...

I'm up for it with one of the 47 or was it 74 sets (i'v lost count
) I have. Midlands based would be best for all. Ok the Phoenix is the best track in the country, so why not hold it here?
Over to you Jonny Boy!
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MMORE, did you seriously buy 47 or 74 sets, I saw u mention 40 on another thread but I thought it was a joke. What are you going to do with that many sets, the track would go forever .......

Just been nosey really, ignore me
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IMHO - the standard motor is pretty quick in the Bentley and Audi - just glue, true and rock then race.

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Keep 'em standard apart from reliveries picking yours from four or six or eight green Bentleys might be a tad hard during a race otherwise.

Ok baz if wrexham want to host it then it has to be "out of the box "racing ,Glue ,True ,Body rock and Paint no other mods,
If wrexham run a magnet round then we can run a non mag race later at pendle I'll add some pics on how to get body rock later its quite simple and make the thing a whole lot smoother on wood Takes less than 2 mins to do ,we did it to Diflocks Bentley at pendle between heats

Find a date, I'll get Inte to give you some details on what might and will be happening.

At last. An event where tuning is not allowed and true driver skill wins the day.

I am all for a box standard event. As all the cars are going to be the same how about randomly being given a car for each heat so that nobody is able to gain any advantage from any tricks. We all put our Bentleys into a big sack and draw one out to race with at the start of each heat. We can label them up with our names if we want to so that we get our own car back at the end.

And no sanding of front tyres or guide changes or gear changes or tyre changes permitted. It must all be standard Carrera set up.

What we could do if have a series of races with the bar magnet in place (no shim however) and a series of races with the bar magnet removed and finally a series of races with no magnets (both magnets removed).

I'm in if the dates are right.

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Sorry, Inte's had this discussion with me only the other day.
He was saying that half of the racing is down to your car and your car alone, Setting up a neutral car is difficult, and always leads to problems, each car also has a little quirk etc.

Anyway my point is the same as Inte's, though to make it more fun, we should leave the reversing switch in and well, go the wrong way!
I know Wrexham's lap counter will be able to cope with that, as will Pendle's from what I have heard.

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We race Carreras the wrong way at Farnham, but I still don't get max. points for coming last so maybe the lap counter isn't working right...

I'm with Moped - standard, although I'd go so far as to suggest no magnets only to keep the carnage down.

Can it hurt to have one event with standard cars?

QUOTE (Ecurie Ecosse @ 18 Apr 2004, 12:32)We race Carreras the wrong way at Farnham, but I still don't get max. points for coming last so maybe the lap counter isn't working right...
Perhaps we should suggest that next Wednesday at Farnham as we have both Carrera classes on one night. Sort of like a slow bicycle race, you are not allowed to stop moving but you have to be last over the line to get the most points!

No, perhaps not!!

Standard I say, and no mag too. And as for this rubbish about no two standard cars being the same, they will be a lot closer than a standard one and the Ninco-motored, Slot-it geared, Bodgit & Scarper guided item that Lotus is proposing! And while I'm ranting on, if a car has "quirks", then a good driver will learn to drive through them, and not moan about it being too "this" or not enough "that". If it's the same for everybody, what does it matter!

Sorry about that, I taught the parrot how to make "Mr Angry"
type noises and he's going for it this morning!

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I won't be joining in so I have no axe to grind.
On that basis, here is my totally neutral tuppenceworth:

I like everything Moped suggested, including the magnet variations, with the single exception of no wheel/tyre truing.
The likelihood of some people having a car with slightly mishapen wheels/tyres, that make it virtually undrivable by anyone, is so high that this limited and basic factor should be permitted. This could be worked round by rotating drivers over a limited selection of cars but a fair few will never agree to that and even if they did and equalising though this might be, it's still a pain in the buttocks to drive a square wheeled car and the pain is not ameliorated one whit by it being inflicted on everyone else!

Now fight it out among yourselves!
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whats all this crap?

box standard.

cant remove the lectric crap in them were running backwards,

2 rounds with and without mags

glue and oil and true, too hard to comprehend?

take out box, put on track, race..

Grah, speak to you in week!
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I'm all up for it if I get to keep my own car... I'm not having some home driver turning up and buggering it to bits. I can't afford to throw away a car like that.
The other problem with swapping is that I've seen some people destroy a car if their race isn't going well, and then everyone after them has a carp car.

I don't mind standard rules (would prefer to modify...) but I would like to be able to sand or change the front tyres at least. Also, I agree with Inte, we should be able to true everything up as otherwise they'll be carp.

But yes, I'd love to do this event (keep it south). Just make sure all the rules (whatever they are) are upheld and everyone is scrutineered...

You seem strangely obsessed with cars turning into fish!
I`ve been in discussion with John at Nikko about a Carerra event. I was thinking about having it sponsored by Carrera and having a fleet of cars provided to be run in a box standard format, tyres trued and bits glued but keeping the cars in the selected lanes with all the cars being provided by Carerra. This way everyone gets to race every car on every lane and with plenty of spare cars to replace shattered wrecks it will not be a problem if one or two get wrecked. Running them in slightly before the event to weed out any poor runners will make for very even races. Venue? Well I`m bound to say Phoenix, not least cos we are in the middle of the country. To even up the home advantage we can run our track backwards, something we have never done and I can be trusted to police that running up to the event.
Tournament stylee? That's be awesome.

IF it was phoenix, something like this........

6 lanes, top 3 go through.

Final: 6
Semi: 12
Quater: 24
Round 2: 48
Round 3: 96

I'm sure we could muster 96 competitors
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