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1/24 in general is more "realistic" racing - more sliding and less deslotting.
About 1/24-Carrera cars - the best available at the moment is the Porsche Carrera C6 - enough grip, good acceleration and braking, then the E-type, the Corvette, the Audi R8, BMW, Porsche 911 GT1 Evo and Panoz. The streamliners are difficult to drive - but fun! Be aware when you're looking for these cars that they behave like the originals! DON'T purchase any actual 1/24-F1-cars from Carrera - it's a waste of money!
And in general - shoulders are a must! Also look for an adequate power supply - -min 1A per lane, best would be if you can adjust Voltage between 12 and 18V.

And as a side information referring to Swiss - on Suzuka we made with 1/24 scratchbuilts times between 9 and 10 seconds - without mags - and with 1/32 Formula1 with mags times between 8 and 9 seconds - for 38m track length not to bad I think! Laptimes with actual 1/24 Carrera-cars ootb with mag are app. 13 sec.!
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