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This depends on what you compare with. They are not anything like 1/32 scale slotcars, but this does not mean much since it is rather unlikely anyone would race a 1/24 scale car against a 1/32 scale one. If you compare the recent batch of 1/24 scale Carrera cars with each other then they are hugely entertaining and fun to race - but you really will need those hard shoulders. Also while you could 'get away' with a smaller and shorter track for 1/32 scale cars - the 1/24 versions will hardly be as much fun on the smallest track (less than approx 10 meter) - but if you have a track of at least approx 10 meter or more you should have some great time ahead. It is as always important to race 'like for like' - because you will spoil the fun for many otherwise. What I mean is that while the classic jaguar and corvette go reasonably nice together - they are no match for the latest Le-Mans audi or bmw. But they never were in the real life either - so that does not bother me. While the 1/24 scale Carrera cars are nowhere near any 1/24 scale 'scratchbuilt' slotcars when it comes to speed and behaviour on the track - or even the older 1/24 scale cars from other manufacturer - this has not been a problem for me since I do not have them anyway. When we have been racing the 1/24 scale cars we have only had cars from the latest 1/24 scale carrera range. While not perfect in any way - there are many inconsistencies - they have all run reasonably ok direct from the box and they all work. So far we have had a lot of fun with them - if you have never tried the 1/24 scale before you will be (positively) surprised by the difference in experience. Not due to the visual size as much as difference in behaviour on the track. Remember that they need more power the smaller ones though (18 V and sufficient ampere).

Last time I looked - pendle slot had a bargain offer. A complete 1/24 scale Carrera set for 75 pounds. Comes with everything you need to transform your existing set to a functioning 1/24 setup inclusive one Le-Mans Audi and a LeMans BMW.

Whatever you do - You may wish to spend some time of making or buying the needed hard shoulders. Recommended with of hard shoulders - 10 cm for some good quality drifting.

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