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Carrera 42008 Lap Counter Problem

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Please, I need advice and help with solving problem.
I already have 3 Carrera 42008 Lap Counters and all of them have same problem:
They show "PC" on both 3 displays and I can´t reset it.

When I connected it to the track 1st time, everything was fine. It worked good, but after about half day of racing it started show random values on screens, stop counting laps, or count laps when cars was far from sensors, some time later it show "PC" on Dispays, I turn off the power, Turn it on again, and it worked. But some time later( half or 1 hour) everything repeat and now it show PC all time.

I bought another lap counter, and same situation. After that i bought third lap counter, and decided to power it from own DC, not from the track with some modifications. And it was miracle, it worked about 3 month and after that "PC" on Screen again.

I think it's problem with Lap Counter Firmware, but can't find any info about updating it.

About warranty: Yes, all counters had official warranty, but I leave in Ukraine and shipping to and from Europe expensive enough, so I don't try to return them using warranty, I just bought 2 new, and trying to repair them buy myself. But no lack. Maybe somebody have same problem and know how to fix it? Maybe some firmware update available?
I add photo of Counter and my track.

BTW I soldered all the rails buy wires for best connection and prevention of signal lost because one of my theory was digital noises on the track. But it didn't help :(

THX a lot for any information.
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Can you tell me what is the reason for the PC message on the lap counter is how did you solve it?

thank you in advance
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