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We met up with Dave Kennedy who kindly showed us around the Carrera stand early on Wednesday.

Some of the new cars on show:

Dgital sales are surpassing analogue in the US and Germany, especially with those new to the hobby. Carrera recognise and understand why clubs are hesitant and wary of digital vs analogue, but are confident that digital will grow further.

In the US despite rising costs, and other brands raising prices Carerra is the lowest price US brand.

A new flat chassis has been developed which help the cars race better. All new cars will have this.

A new guide with more travel is now standard.

We often complain about F1 cars being out of sync with what is really racing in the 1:1 world. Carrera are producing 2011 bodies and 2011 liveries for some cars (Red Bull), 2010 body and 2011 liveries for others (McLarren).

The Carerra Evoltuion and Digital 132 ranges include new models such as the Audi R10 which is expected in the 2nd or 3rd quarter.

Analogue cars can be easily converted to run on digital tracks as the digital chip can be dropped in, with plenty of space available.

Digital cars can also be run on analogue tracks with the flick of a switch.

New cars poster (above). See details below and also some of the rally cars a few posts below.

Dave talked about the Digital 132 range which included new liveries, new products and new packaging.

Reintroducing some if the analogue models for the new digital tracks with new chassis' and new guides.

No prototypes for 2012 releases were on show as could be expected..

The big thing on show were the digital wireless controllers. Working at 2.4GHz for greater range than the previous IR controllers. They have a charging base station that indicates with a red light when it's fully charged. Lithium ion battery that requires a 1 hour charge for 8 hours of play!

The plunger-button on the top for throttle. A button on the front is for lane changing. A button on the top is for configuration.

Carrera consider the thumb-plunger as part of their brand identity and have no current plans to release a trigger controller. We had a go with the wireless thumb-plunger controller and it was easy to use. Very light and comfortable in the hand.

The curved section tracks were interesting. 4 sets of curved LCs will be available: Left in and out; Right in and out. The curved set is made up of two pieces as shown.

Regarding Carrera Go! see the post below.

Thanks to Dave for the tour. Much appreciated


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wow the 458s look great it will be real hard to choose which one to get.

good to see the 1/24 917k is a reality - awesome and the #2 GT40 looks real sweet

Is that a Cobra with the Cheetah - cool

looking forward to the full story and any more picks

thanks Doug and team


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I wish they would start making those pit babes too

Good to see somebody has decided to start making new digital track pieces! Hornby... take notice!

White Ferrari 599XX
that is a must for me!

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I'm on the jobserve website as I read this, looking for another job that pays more....

Zarko that white 599XX seems to be 1:24...


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It was a pleasure to finally meet you Doug!

The 1/32 Cheetah and the 289 Cobra will be out later this year. There will be 2 decorations of each initially including these cars in 4 different sets, 2 analog and 2 digital sets. I have seen the prototype of the 289 Cobra LeMans Coupe and the roadster and they look quite nice.

There an Alfa GTA which is what I believe you think might be a BMW CSL.

The 917k will come in Red/white team Austria colors and John Wyer Gulf team colors later this year in D124.

We have on display our new Wireless+ 2.4ghz system which is for the Digital system and is a plug and play option for people that want wireless. It can be combined with all previous versions of wireless controllers to run in parallel with them (and or course wire controllers is you want them).

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True, but not funny!
Maybe, just maybe they will release it in 1:32 some day...

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what are you lot on about, I didn't see any slot cars ... but that blonde
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