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The postman delivered an early Christmas present yesterday: Carrera's Auto Union Type-C Streamline and Mercedes-Benz W125 Streamline. Until the 27th, I've got no track to drive them on, so I've stroked them lovingly, taken them apart, showed them to my wife and daughters - who showed far more interest than usual and even went as far as debating which was better looking - removed the magnets and guide self-centring springs, and still I'm itching to do more with them. So I've photographed them...

The photos don't do these models justice. In the flesh, they're fantastic looking machines. The Auto Union is looooong, they both have the skinniest of tyres, but something tells me that these will perform really nicely. Only time will tell.

With slot cars enjoying a surge in popularity, I can't be alone in suffering mental and financial fatigue with all the new products hitting the shops, but these cars are something new; a genre that I wouldn't have expected a major manufacturer to deal with. Congratulations to whoever is responsible for product planning at Carrera. You have one of the best ranges available, and these, for me, are the pick of the bunch. Best Ready-to-Race Cars of 2011, anyone? I think so, and that's before I've even driven them.

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QUOTE (Dopamine @ 16 Dec 2011, 22:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Congratulations to whoever is responsible for product planning at Carrera. You have one of the best ranges available, and these, for me, are the pick of the bunch.

Completely agree with you Dopamine....and I run SSD....I bought way more Carrera cars than Scaley this year...oh dear.
The next 3 will also be Carrera cars - Heico SLS and the 2 458 GT's...
The cars are lovely - not my cup of tea slotting wise, but still lovely. Great pics once again, I can only but wish to take pics like that.

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What a great pair of cars, they will be great to race against each other.
I can see your point about "best cars rtr of 2011" as they are away from
the norm and look fantastic.
Not long now only 10 days more days untill the 27th. I hope you don't
stoke all the paint away.

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Well, re;sliding - yes, you have a point. Lets just agree that they are superb models..I wonder if they will do the Maserati 4cl in 1/32?.
Ideally,I would like some Can-am in 1/24th-imagine if they did all their 1/32 Can-ams in 1/24th...I need a lie-down now...

A great Christmas and new year to all slotters everywhere-go fast and stay on!

HPSCC - scale racing on Merseyside....

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What's with these Avus 1937 Streamliners?

The new 1/32 models from Carrera doesn't correspond particularly well in the looks
department with their earlier 1/24 counterparts, also from Carrera, though they are
supposed to depict the very same cars.

Furthermore, neither of the 1/32 or 1/24 Auto Union Streamliners are true to the real
Type C #33 1/1 car from 1937. Look at these three pictures of the 1937 Avus car below:

1. The top picture shows the 1/1 #33 car. No horisontal red stripe in front, and no red
markings around the wheelhouse fender vents.

2. The middle pic is the new Carrera 1/32 version, the bottom pic is the Carrera 1/24
version. These two cars differ considerably in both details as well as in overall proportions.
The square-ish and bulky windshield in the 1/32 version seems quite wrong, and also the
cockpit is too rearward. I'd say the 1/24 version is more "correct" in overall shape, apart
from the strange red markings.

The Avus Mercedes Streamliner is a different affair, as can be seen from the pic below:

1. The top picture shows the original 1/1 #35 car. Again, quite a different looking beast
than the Carrera 1/32 and 1/24 model versions. Most notably the "missing" rear wheel
covers, but also the (PC) omitted swastika.

2. The middle pic is the new Carrera 1/32 version, the bottom pic is the earlier Carrera
1/24 version. Again, these two cars differ considerably in both details as well as in overall
proportions. Judging from pics of the original 1937 car, I'd say this time the 1/32 version
is the more correct in its somewhat more "boxy" appearance. The 1/24 version appears to
be totally out of whack, with an overall kind of round and "sexy" Coke-bottle shape that is
nowhere to be seen in the orginal car. A pure pipe dream by the mold maker of the model?

To make matters even more interesting, the new Carrera 1/32 Avus Streamliners also seems
to be found in two more versions than the #33 Auto Union and #35 Mercedes above.
In the Carrera Digital132 "Streamline" track set (item #30151) you get two different cars,
according to the box cover & presentation art:

A #31 Auto Union without the red front stripe, and a Coke-bottle shaped #36 Mercedes.
These two Digital132 set cars also seems to be cloned exactly on their 1/24 counterparts,
judging from the pics. But maybe the simple truth is that the Carrera marketing department
is just a bit lazy and have used the 1/24 cars to illustrate the 1/32 set...

But this doesn't explain the #31 Auto Union car in the picture below, as I can't find that
Carrera have ever produced this version, with red markings around the fender vents, in
1/24 before. The same goes for the #36 Mercedes, with a red oval stripe in front, never
seen in the Carrera line-up before. Strange indeed.


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Here is the entry list for the 1937 Avus race. Notice there are 3 different Mercedes entered, S8 and V12 short tails, and a S8 long tail. I would guess the bodies were all slightly different? The race won by Rudolph Caracciola in the #35 car in a drafting dual with Rosemeyer in the #31. Rosemeyer did set the fastest GP average lap speed of all time, over 171mph. Even the Indy 500 didn't reach those speeds for another 30 years!?!

<<No. Driver Entrant Car Type Engine
31 Bernd Rosemeyer Auto Union AG Auto Union C 6.0 V-16 streamliner
32 Ernst von Delius Auto Union AG Auto Union C 6.0 V-16
33 Luigi Fagioli Auto Union AG Auto Union C 6.0 V-16 streamliner
34 Rudolf Hasse Auto Union AG Auto Union C 6.0 V-16
35 Rudolf Caracciola Daimler-Benz AG Mercedes-Benz W125 5.6 S-8 streamliner
36 Manfred von Brauchitsch Daimler-Benz AG Mercedes-Benz W25K-DAB 5.6 V-12 streamliner
37 Hermann Lang Daimler-Benz AG Mercedes-Benz W25K-M125 5.6 S-8 streamliner (long model)
38 Richard Seaman Daimler-Benz AG Mercedes-Benz W125 5.6 S-8
39 Goffredo Zehender Daimler-Benz AG Mercedes-Benz W25K-DAB 5.6 V-12 DNS - car not ready >>

About the red stripe and trim around the fender windows, I couldn't find any pics showing it, but it has become standard practice to put some different colored trim on similar team cars to differentiate them at speed. It is common to have red mirrors and visor on one car and yellow on another. It is possible the red stripe waas used only during the race, but I could understand it might be hard to see which car is approaching at 380kph!? And these pics seem to show the 1/32 Carrera Auto Union to be more accurate in the square windscreen, cockpit position , and filler cap location. Interesting that the car only has the fender windows on the right side in the one pic? The lower pic does show the paint trim around the fender window, but it appears to be black, not red, which is similar to a diecast model of the #31 I had.


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The "coke bottle" shape of the Carrera Mercedes doesn't seem to be right. Here are photos of the other two cars at Avus to add to Chapman's number 35. They are all slightly different but all have the same slab sided shape. (The wheel covers come and go, it would be easy for the mechanics to remove them to suit the needs of tyre cooling and quick tyre changes) The swastika is on number 36 in one photo and not the other - looking closely there are hints that the photo has been retouched to remove it from the top photo

I searched for photos showing the red stripe on the Auto Union, like PeteN all the photos I could find didn't have the red stripe. Of course that's the sort of thing that could have been added or removed at some stage, but until somebody comes up with some evidence of the stripe on the real car, it is reasonable to be sceptical if it is correct.

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i personally dont really care if there scale or not their just great looking cars i,ve lusted after the 1/24 cars for years all they need to do is bring out the masserati in 1/32. carrera certainly bring out some unusual cars even if they dont run that good without a mag. but there so cheap you can afford to upgrade-tune them. john.

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Brilliant old photos.
Getting back to Dopamines original point.
Now I`ve seen the Carrera Auto-Union in the flesh, I believe that it is the best slot car of 2011.
Also,one was raced at NERCS last week & it won it`s class!

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Some more odds, ends and oddities about the Carrera line of Avus 1937 Streamliners:

The first versions of these Carrera classic cars were presented already in the previous century (1999, 13 years ago), as parts of this 1/24 Carrera Exclusiv Avus racing track set (Carrera #20310).

The original cars issued with this set were the #31 Auto Union Type C Avus 1937 (Carrera #20470) and the #36 Mercedes-Benz W125 Avus 1937 (Carrera #20469). Plain and clean cars (see illustrations further below) without any extra markings apart from numbering, and very much in style with the vast majority of the period pics from that 1937 event that can be found on the Net today.

Two years later, in 2001, shiny and mirror-like versions of these 1/24 Exclusiv Streamliners were issued in a limited "Chrome" edition, fantasy cars suited more for collecting than for racing (Carrera #20476 Auto Union Type C Avus 1937, Carrera #20477 Mercedes-Benz W125 Avus 1937, no numbering or markings in the shiny liveries).

And that was pretty much it for almost a decade.

Then, in 2010, the Avus Streamliners were released again by Carrera, this time as part of the new Digital124 effort. No complete track set this time, only loose cars with different numberings from the 1999 cars. The body castings hadn't changed one bit since 1999, but the chassis and the mechanicals underneath were completely new.

Bodywise, the Digital124 Auto Union Type C Avus 1937 (Carrera #23750) had gotten a new number (#33) and also several quite noticeable red markings in the livery, a big red horisontal stripe in the front and also red stripings around the vents in the wheelshouse fenders. Also the colour of the driver's helmet had changed from white in the 1999-2001 issues to black in the new Digital124 version.

The Digital124 Mercedes-Benz W125 Avus 1937 (Carrera #23751) had also got a new number (#35), but a much more sparse re-decoration, only a thin black oval striping around the front grille. Also the driver's helmet had changed from brown in the 1999-2001 versions to black in the 2010 Digital124 issue.

One year later, in mid-2011, the much anticipated 1/32 versions of these classic Streamliners were finally breaking. Again, a complete track set with cars in the Digital132 range (Carrera #30151) was part of the release.

Two Digital132 Streamliner cars were included in the set, again the very same #31 Auto Union and #36 Mercedes W125 models as in the original 1/24 Exclusiv set from 1999. At least that's what we were supposed to believe, judging from the box art and marketing materials (see pic above).

Inside the box was another story. The cars included in the set did not only have different numbering (#33 Auto Union and #35 Mercedes), but also different liveries with red (AU) and black (MB) extra striping. And to top it off, neither of the 1/32 cars did show much likeness to the box art cars, the marketing material, or the original cars from 1937 (1/1 Avus) and 1999 (1/24 Carrera Exclusive).

It's hard to find a picture of a red-striped #33 Auto Union car on the Net today (or rather, quite impossible) and almost as hard to find pics of the #35 Mercedes, apart from the new Carrera slot car model offerings.

The 1/32 versions of the Streamliners also differs considerably in shape from the earlier 1/24 versions (and also from the box art). Most notably in the overall shape of the Mercedes W125. The 1/24 version have the distinct and curvy appearance of a Coke-bottle, with a slender "waist" and more bulky "breast" and "hips". The 1/32 version is not at all that sexy, and has a more straight and boxy shape that better concurs with with the real 1/1 Avus 1937 car.

The 1/32 Auto Union also differs quite a bit from its 1/24 counterpart, the biggest issues being the cockpit placed not enough up front, and also a seemingly too big square & boxy windscreen compared to period pics of the 1/1 car as well as the 1/24 version. Plus the heavy striping in red.

The 1/32 Streamliners are available in versions both in the Digital132 line and the "analogue" Evolution line. And there's no difference in bodyworks between the digital and analogue cars: The liveries are identical wheter digital or analogue version.

The #33 Auto Union Type C Streamline AVUS 1937 is available as Carrera #30557 (Digital 132) and Carrera #27355 (Evolution), the Mercedes-Benz W125 Streamline AVUS 1937 is available as Carrera #30558 (Digital 132) and Carrera #27356 (Evolution).

In the two pictures below you can see all of the different versions of the Auto Union and The Mercedes-Benz Streamliners Avus 1937 that have been released since 1999, in 1/24 and 1/32. Also some odd versions that's been announced and presented in marketing, but never released as IRL products. These versions are marked with ??????????.

Auto Union Type C Streamline, Avus 1937:

Mercedes-Benz W125 Streamline, Avus 1937:

I'll round off this ranting with yet another curiousity:

None of the various Streamliner cars that Carrera has released was particularly successful in this historic 1937 Avus race. The best of the bunch was the #31 Auto Union as originally released by Carrera in 1999. Driven by legendary Bernd Rosemeyer, the #31 car finished fourth in the Avus 1937 race.

The red-striped #33 Auto Union was an even worse achiever. Driven by one Luigi Fagioli, this car didn't even make it to the final round in the 1937 Avus race. Transmission failure in the qualification race made the #33 car one of the very earliest DNF-ers.

As for the Carrerra Mercedes-Benz versions, the picture is just as bad, result-wise, for the 1937 Avus race. The overall winner was Hermann Lang in a Mercedes Streamliner. But he drove car #37, a vehicle never released by Carrera.

The two Mercedes Streamliner cars that Carrera do have released, the #35 (driven by Rudolf Caracciola) and the #36 (driven by Manfred von Brauchitsch) actually failed miserably in the finals. Both these Mercedes cars had to go into the pits and finish early due to gearbox failures, also the only two DNF-ers in the 1937 Avus final.

Why Carrera has chosen to only issue this "bunch of losers" to memorize this historic Streamliner era is beyond me. As for the Auto Unions, the reason may be simple, as there maybe were only two of these rare birds (#31 & #33) ever to race. But there were more Mercedes Streamliners, and why the winning car, #37, has been omitted in the release schedule is a greater enigma.

Finally, the final results from the VI Internationales Avus Rennen, 30 may 1937, to show what cars were actually raced, and their achievements in the race.


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if i wasnt too busy buying baby bottles id be very tempted to get the merc to race against rons auto union
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