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Carrera cars, Scalextric track

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I got a couple of Carrera cars at a swap meet, and of course found out that they need different guide "keels" to run on Scalextric track. Being [lazy/unmotivated/not much of a modifier/practical/willing to pay for stuff whenever it cuts down on tinkering] I ordered a bag of the "85309" replacement keels, which are (allegedly) for running Carrera cars on "other" tracks.

They're exactly the same dimensions as the keels on the cars. So, apparently I have a couple of practice ones to modify, but is my illusion of German efficiency shattered by some sort of mislabeling error? Plus, what's the best way of modifying my rapidly expanding collection of overly large keels?

(Other than the labelling eror by these lazy Germans
, and their predilection for daft big guides, I'm very impressed with the two cars).
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The guides do need some work, I tend to cut the length does and the sand the guide a little shorter and thinner.

I do however love carrera cars, all I've brought for months one :)
QUOTE (Ichabod @ 25 Oct 2011, 23:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Plus, what's the best way of modifying my rapidly expanding collection of overly large keels?
Sandpaper. Carrera guides are so simple to modify that even the most inept DIYer won't have a problem. Pound for pound (or dollar for dollar
) Carrera cars are the best buy on the slot market at present. They drive nicely and are very well made and finished, so don't let the guides put you off.
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Funny you posted this today Dominic...

Because I'm a bit sick and tired of grinding and filing Carrera guides....and you never get them 100%...I've started the process to fix this guide issue for once and for all i.e running Carrera cars on Scaley tracks. Watch this space as they say.
Looking forward to It Keeto ! I am getting tired of getting them to work right on scalextrci track. But I love those cars.
I've never had a problem with Carrera cars on Sport track, apart from with crossovers.

Keeto and I run SSD which causes a problem with the Carrera cars, they knock and smack into the crossovers if the guide is is not just right,

Does see a shame but hopefully Keeto will get a resolution at an affordable price.
I don't normally have crossovers on my track, but when I have Carrera cars have got stuck in corner crossovers. I wouldn't have thought a thinner shorter guide would be very difficult to make, it's just making one in small numbers will be expensive per guide.

The Carrera Mclaren M20 is very good BTW.
NINCO guides are clip-in just like Carrera guides. Perhaps you could use one of those ??
If you guys are interested in a permanent fix please go and vote HERE....and tell all your slotting friends!
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I file my own guides as the Carrera one for scaly has the pivot in a different place than scaly cars, more guide in front of it. Also they never work in digital
I file them to be the same size/offset as a scaly guide. Would love to just buy them though
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Interestingly (to me, anyway), I do run digital, but the stock guides/keels even get stuck in the regular straight sections in some places due to being too thick - could be some of my track pieces are a bit squished?
QUOTE (Lindgaard @ 26 Oct 2011, 12:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>NINCO guides are clip-in just like Carrera guides. Perhaps you could use one of those ??

No, they are not. The new Carrera cars come with a guide which has a removable blade, but the brushes and the rest of the guide stay attached to the car. This is a completely different design than Ninco, scaley, and most other stot car manufacturers use. See here:

Carrera blades

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