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Carrera Digital 132 BMW Pro Car - wheel design?

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased the 80' Flashback Digital 132 set. Inside it has two cars - a BMW Procar and a Zakspeed Turbo.

Both cars seemed pretty good at first. After a thousand laps or so I noticed the BMW Procar was getting chatty. It seemed to bounce quite a bit and was quite noisy compared to most other cars in my collection.

What kind of deviltry is this Carrera?

Vehicle Automotive lighting Bumper Motor vehicle Rim

I don't know a lot about physics but I was always under the impression a wheel should be round and true to provide maximum flow / fluidity for the tire. I am also pretty new to the Carrera Digital slot car stuff so perhaps more cars are like this but I just haven't noticed it. The Zakspeed Turbo also has the same wheel design but it is definitely quieter.

Wondering if any experienced vets have any thoughts on this? Is there a way to make this tire less noisy with the stock axles, wheel and tire combo?

Thanks in advance.


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Supposedly the indentions were to keep the rubber tires from spinning under load. If you have a tire truer you can fix it fairly easy. Just fill the indention with a thick CA glue in layers until it a bit higher than the rest of the wheel rib. Once hard, spin it on your tire truer until round.

If you lack a truer, then you could put the wheel assembly back on the car and use the motor in the car to spin the wheels and take a emery board to it. Be careful if you go this route, you could overheat the motor if you apply to much of load for too long of time. Check to make sure that each wheel is the same size when done.
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As long as the wheel is balanced you should be fine, it was designed by Germans right? The wheel, unless comprimised, won't be the problem.

I suspect either your tyre has moved on the rim, or something has been bent in an impact. Try sanding the tyres, and whilst looking for high/low points, check if the tyre is moving seperately to the wheel. If so glue the tyres on the rim and true it up.
Have been down this road before. At first I thought the wheel design was to prevent tyre slip. Then I realised the eccentric design was to keep the mould flashing from exceeding the OD limits. Secondary benefit is tyres that don't slip. Chatter on Carrera's is often from the excess axle play in the bushing. I fixed one of my cars with a proper axle. Its not really worth the trouble. Just search for "superglue trick" which will solve your chatter issues. Just don't burn out your motor or strip out your gears. Moderation is the key. BTW you might find that there is a Paul Gage Urethane tyre that will fit that rim. I fitted NSR tyres to my Carrera 917k's but it was quite a bit of work to accurately machine the wheels down, whereas there was a PG tyre that just fit. Have a feeling we may have discussed this already on another forum somewhere?
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