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I looking for a Carrera Digital 132 set and I hesitate between the new and the old model due to the price diffence:

Nascar Digital 132, Item: (30123) Year: 2007-2008 vs Nascar Deytona 500 Digital 132, Item:(30123) Year: 2011


Hot pursuit, Item: (30127) Year: 2007-2009 vs Street Pursuit, item: (30146) Year: 2010-2011

I would like to know the differences and I have some questions:

- Is it the exact same technologie ? (Digital System, track, car)

- Is the new model is more stable ?

- Is the new model is better ?

I await your comments and your suggestions.


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Just make sure the set is marked "Digital 132" and you will be OK.

"Digital 132" is the new technology, while "PRO-X" is the old Carrera system.

There are probably some different cars in the different sets, and you have to check if the set have the track you want, but in general the digital 132 track, cars, Black Box and controllers are the same and compatible with eachother.

Note that the new digital accessories (start light, position tower, driver displays, and the new lap timer) require that you swap out the BB (Black Box) with the new CU (Control Unit). But none of the sets come with any of the accessories or the CU, so it does not matter if you buy a new or old set as long as it's marked "Digital 132" or "Digital 124".

There is one exception though, in 2010 there was a small change to the Black Box where the compatibility with the old PRO-X stuff was removed. So the sets from 2011 probably have the new version of the black box, but the only difference is that the new version support the new start light. So if you buy a new (2011) set you can probably use the start light accessory without having to replace the BB with a CU.

But if you want the new CU (Control Unit) anyway, then you might as well save some money on buying the older Digital 132 sets if they have the track and cars you want.


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Willow Gate
There are a few differences between the two Nascar sets,
Set 30123 is an oval and has two lane changers. 1 rt lane changer and 1 lt lane changer. The high banked curves in this set are 2/30s

Set 30139 and 30153 are bigger sets and are a tri-ovals. It has 3 lane chagers, 1 rt lane changer and 1 lt lane changer and 1 double lane changer. The high banked curves in this set are 3/30s

The cars in 30123 and 30139 are the same (different paint liverys)
The cars in the new set 30153 are of the newest stlye. I am not sure if this is released yet.

The Hot pursuit 30127 and Street Pursuit 30146 track layouts are same, with these set only the cars are different.
The cars in the 30127 set are both of the oldest stlye digital cars, and do not handle the best.
The cars in the 30146 set are both different 1 of the oldest stlye (mustang) and one of the next style digital cars (Dodge Charger "Police" car).

For a starter set I would stay away from sets with two different stlyes of cars, it harder at fisrt to race evenly with them. I think the nascar sets are good and the Ferrari set (30147) is a good choice too.
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