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Carrera F1 Cars

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I ran my track (SSD) at a Corporate Hospitality event for about 70 people last weekend at Silverstone using F1 cars.

I had Scalextric F1 cars (McLaren, Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari & Honda) but also tried to run some Carrera Red Bulls.

My track is mainly flat but we have a long bridge running into a banked R3 "bowl".

We had to turn the voltage down to around 7.5 volts to control the F1 cars but the Carrera cars kept deslotting on anything that wasn't flat (even with the front wing removed).

I'm guessing that this is because of the sprung guide and the fact that the guide is so far back behind the front wheels in comparison to the Scalextric cars.

In the end, although they didn't look quite as good, everyone preferred running the scalextric Start F1 cars at around 10 volts, and apart from rear wings flying off at the slightest knock (Just clip them back in) we had NO breakages all day!

I would like to hear other peoples views on the Carrera F1 cars and any comparisons between brands.
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Hi ss67

I am at the moment nearing the end of our F1 season, and also run Scalextric, Cerrera, Ninco, SCX. My least favourite F1 cars has to be the Ninco F1's just because the braids need changing and for me this is a pig of a job, shaky hands and bad eyes

I do understand where your coming from with the Carrera F1's in my opinion they sit a little high on the track, but if you take your time and set them up to suite your track they can give most Scaley cars a good run. The quality of Carrera is very good, and they look great, and they are usually cheaper than the other manufacturers, so although not a real die hard fan, they can be a good buy, when set up to suite your individual needs.

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Running Carrera vs. Scalextric on Ninco track with magnets, the Carrera suffers because it doesn't have the same amount of magnet 'downforce' as the Scaleys.

That said I've never had a problem with them in terms of gradients and cambers, even with the guide being set so far back in the chassis.

I'd have said that Carreras suffer from too much weight and too little magnet more than anything else.
Thanks guys!

Maybe the cars need a liitle more downforce!

Anyone else like to comment?
The Carerra guide is sometimes too thick or even too deep for some slots, so it needs to be sanded down to make it thinner and maybe some depth shaved or cut off it.

That way the guide will be deeper in the slot and may hold on more. if magnets are removed from all the cars that may level the playing field.

I trimmed the guides to the same size as the Scalextric ones but I wonder if that was too much as they seem to sit higher?

Running an event with F1 cars with no magnets! Are you mad?
I used to run an older Carrera Ferrari F1 car against Scalextric on a Ninco track. It was unbeatable and the only one left running at the end of the night. Very tough even with the biggest offs. Odd rules though. Even if the scaley car came with the extra magnet (as some used to) unless it was fitted at the factory (which it never was) you couldn't retro-fit it. The Carrera on the other hand was fitted with two magnets from the factory so could run with them both! Could have been why it was unbeatable
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ss67, I bought a Carrera set basically to use as a test circuit for my old scratch built cars, in this set are two F1 cars and like previous comments the cars are not as good as Scalex one's which my nephew uses, yes i found them a little high ( now a little lower, the sprung guide to feirce ( now detensioned ) and i also think it should be furthur forward, now working on that! and on these two the front tyres were like driving on square one's ( now ground to a rounder shape )i am trying different tyre set up's at the moment, a little weight in the front has helped but you can't get enough in the body in the right place, but at least they go better and cross the flyover without de slotting, all in all very pretty cars but a bit fragile in my hands.
Regards Keith.
QUOTE the Carrera suffers because it doesn't have the same amount of magnet 'downforce' as the Scaleys

Not true as a general rule! In fact, it's probably never true even as an exceptional rule! Carrera cars have massive magnetic downforce and it's adjustable.

They have always advertised since 2001 that their cars are not for racing on banked track, but I've no clue why. Beyond your personal issues with banked track, they make lovely cars, but they are heavy and a bit sluggish. Best to race with 25ohm controllers. Anything higher and they are unresponsive slugs.

The major downside is that it can be hard to get spares sometimes, and the guideblades are so big that they easily get stuck in tight corners
My setup used to be 100% Carrera F1 cars, but over time I've been changing over to sportscars and LMP1s -- fewer bits of aero to flyoff when the cars deslot (small kids are the primary users). I have a fairly steep banked section on my track, which both my old ProX and D132 F1 cars have handled easily, no problems. Funny enough, it's my converted Slot-it and Scaley Group C and LMP1s that have issues on pick-up on the bank, and I'm dumfounded as to why...

As to pace, there's a huge difference in quickness between the Prox and D132, the latter being the quicker. I don't have anything onterh than Carrera F1s, so I've no idea how other makes compare, but last night my oldest (13 and a very safe pair of hands), and I we're running an MP4-22 (her) against a Slot-it Audi R8c (me) and she was cleaning my clock. Hardly scientific comparison, but it's informative...
My Scalextric Peugeot 908 & Maserati MC12 both coped with the bridge & banked R3s on my track it was just the Carrera Red Bull F1 cars that kept deslotting!
I race on short, technical Scalextric Sport layouts with Scalextric F1 cars.

I decided to buy a couple of Carrera F1 cars (2009 RedBull and a 2010 Ferrari) earlier this year because they are cheaper than brand new Scalextric cars, and their reputation seems fast improving in the looks and performance department. These cars are never going to match the speed and laptimes of the high end cars on the market, but they can compete on Scalextric Sport with Scalextric F1 cars.

My fastest car is probably my Scalextric 2009 Brawn or 2007 Mclaren, both these cars are very smooth, and easy to lap both quickly and consistently. I enjoy racing the RedBull, it's a challange as it requires you to drive it more aggresively, always pushing hard to get the quick lap times the smooth Scalextric cars get. It results in more crashes and deslots, but it makes winning very satisfying. Both brands will lap similar best lap times, it's just harder to get Carreras doing consistent fast laps, but they are fun to drive!

Compared to the my Scalextric cars, they look almost as good , the RedBull RB5 looks fantastic, definately up there with the Brawn GP Scalextric in my opinion. I look forward to making my next Carrera slot car order - the 2011 RedBull RB7! It can't be long before that one is out (anyone know the release date!!).
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