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I race on short, technical Scalextric Sport layouts with Scalextric F1 cars.

I decided to buy a couple of Carrera F1 cars (2009 RedBull and a 2010 Ferrari) earlier this year because they are cheaper than brand new Scalextric cars, and their reputation seems fast improving in the looks and performance department. These cars are never going to match the speed and laptimes of the high end cars on the market, but they can compete on Scalextric Sport with Scalextric F1 cars.

My fastest car is probably my Scalextric 2009 Brawn or 2007 Mclaren, both these cars are very smooth, and easy to lap both quickly and consistently. I enjoy racing the RedBull, it's a challange as it requires you to drive it more aggresively, always pushing hard to get the quick lap times the smooth Scalextric cars get. It results in more crashes and deslots, but it makes winning very satisfying. Both brands will lap similar best lap times, it's just harder to get Carreras doing consistent fast laps, but they are fun to drive!

Compared to the my Scalextric cars, they look almost as good , the RedBull RB5 looks fantastic, definately up there with the Brawn GP Scalextric in my opinion. I look forward to making my next Carrera slot car order - the 2011 RedBull RB7! It can't be long before that one is out (anyone know the release date!!).
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