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I thought that Carrera used a standard Ninco NC1 type motor in all their cars (ie motor rotor pokes out the metal end of the motor, not the platic end (as in Scalex/Fly cars).

If your F1 car is like this then any SlotIt with metal end rotor protusion should do just fine. Yu'll have to get the pinion refitted onto the new motor, though. The lowest rpm motor that SlotIt do is thei 'Unversal' motor at 23000rpm. This should give a bit of extra wallop without completely outclassing your other cars, but if you have over-stuffed with magnets it may not be rpm that you need, but extra torque (g/cm) to help with acceleration rather than just top-end speed. You should be fine with a SlotIt, though, unless you really have gone mad with magnets.

Rememebr that SlotIt motors are likely to need a 25ohm controller or a variable diode type to work well. They are slugs with standard Scalex controllers as they eat so much power.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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