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I have the red #617 and I can only give you my personal impressions of the car. First I was surprised at how small it physically is, but after some online research in the actual car, it seems to be right, although I am no scale expert. It has nice detail right down to the spare visible through the rear glass, wire wheel and all.

It drives very smooth as most carreras do, is quite fast with good brakes. It has the 2 magnet chassis which I'm sure helps it "handle" well and aid in braking over previous carrera models. I removed the rear bar magnet in order to make it a little less stuck. With the rear magnet( less drag) removed, it is a rocket because it is a very light car.

Overall I like it and would recommend it.


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I bought a silver one way back when they first came out (from a UK supplier). I can attest to the previous positive comments. It is a fine looking car and well mannnered and fast. I like it a lot and highly recommend you get it if you are tempted. I think they look even better irl than the pics.

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