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Carrera Go Formula Cup Set at Home Bargains

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Spotted in my local Home Bargains store a Carrera Go Formula Cup set with Alonso Ferrari & Button McLaren for only £29.99!
Impressed by the look of the cars, I have my biggish 1:32 set-up, is it worth my while having this section of the hobby as well?
Either way it's a heads up for anyone else looking for similar, great Xmas pressie I reckon!

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Of course you should give 1/43 a go Dad.
For £30 you`ll get a lot of track in that box!
Carrera have a big range of 1/43 cars, & at about £15 each you can`t go wrong.
Good heads up...see you at the NERCS party mate!
Yes yes, buy two! The 1/43 F1 stuff shamess the other scales for value
Just been back to the shop and they've sold out!
Never mind, some other time,

Too bad! Great price. My wife bought 2 GO!!! F1 sets in 2004 as my Christmas gift and that's how I got back in slot racing!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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