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Carrera or Scalextric

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Hi guys

I need some convincing.... I'm in the process of getting a new set but can't make my mind up between which brand to go for, Carrera (Evolution) or Scalextric (Sport). What are the main advantages/disadvantages of each and which would you go for. Thanks

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To confirm
QUOTE Carrera's stainless steel is not AS magnetic as Scalextric
(my emphasis added)
Opinions vary on the difference between Carrera rail magnetism and the other makes, with figures quoted for Carrera around 20-40% less magnetic. It's difficult to define accurately because the height of the rails varies between makes and tiny height differences make very large attraction variations.
So, Carrera definitely IS magnetic, but less so than the others and this, as mentioned, is a plus for some people and a minus for others.
My own preference is for less magnetism, but the arguments for and against that need a separate discussion (and I am probably in a minority too)!
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The specialist slot retailers probably won't like this much, but anyone in the market for a Carrera set could do worse than look at Index

Careful - most of them are 1/43 scale GO! - only a couple or so are 1/32 scale.
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