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Carrera or Scalextric

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Hi guys

I need some convincing.... I'm in the process of getting a new set but can't make my mind up between which brand to go for, Carrera (Evolution) or Scalextric (Sport). What are the main advantages/disadvantages of each and which would you go for. Thanks

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I like your list but I would suggest some changes. See what you think. I've only commented on the Sport track for now.

QUOTE Solid track connections (but difficult to take apart)
Actually it's easy to take apart as you only need to place your fingers under the track and push the tabs. The connections though improved over the classic are still not perfect.

QUOTE No self-racing programme
Is this a con or a pro?

QUOTE Electric connections and power supply weak
Not consistent with above where you stated that the connections were solid. Also week power supply is suffered by all of the sets.

QUOTE Slot too shallow for some other brands of car (Carrera)
The Sport slot is now deeper. I don't think this is still a problem.

QUOTE Track is brittle
This is not true. Instead the track is bendable and may warp.

QUOTE No individual lane power supply system
This is wrong but the power track electronics are fragile.

QUOTE Poor cheap range of new building (Cardboard) and plastic buildings based on same as 40 years ago!
Nothing to do with the track but the cardboard stuff is kind of cheap looking. I like their old buildings.
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Your list is fine. I might suggest those corrections I mentioned and some might suggest others. Then with your permission we can have it posted at SF and refer new users to the list.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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