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Carrera or Scalextric

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Hi guys

I need some convincing.... I'm in the process of getting a new set but can't make my mind up between which brand to go for, Carrera (Evolution) or Scalextric (Sport). What are the main advantages/disadvantages of each and which would you go for. Thanks

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First thing to watch out for is that most people are biased towards their own personal favourite track system, and so aren't always a good source of impartial advice.

Just to correct the above post - Scalextric Sport track does have individual lane power (and braking) built in and Carrera cars do run ok on it. Carrera cars won't run on Classic track - but you can get replacement guide blades (we supply one with each Carrera car we sell).

The only real compatibility problem is with Carrera as it is the only system that cannot be connected to the others. You can go from Ninco to Sport using the two different converters.

As regards availability the only problem is again with Carrera. We aim to keep all four track systems in stock, and this just isn't possible with Carrera - hopefully this will change in the new year. All of the other track systems are normally available all the time.

We get asked which track system is the one to buy all the time, and I will always say that if you're unsure you should buy Scalextric Sport. Most people who buy Carrera and Ninco do so for a reason (width, or surface for example), and know exactly what they want. The only real reason to go with SCX is the compatibility with Classic, but with the Sport connectors so cheap this isn't that big an issue.

Slot City.
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