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Hi Guys,

I'm currently a way down in my track build of the old, original Kyalami GP circuit in South Africa, and in the process, I'm deciding on putting a small, working pitlane up for added realism and entertainment.

I'm aware of Carrera bringing out a Pitlane for the PRO X system, but, what's wrong with creating a Pitlane using standard LC's??? (Open minds here..)
Installing a LC "offset", with a standard straight on the other lane will allow you to build a Pitlane.. Using the opposite LC, and "forcing" the gate to be in permanent L Change mode would take Pitlane back onto the track..

I'm sure this could work, and, If one has enough LC's, that you could use for a Pitlane, it could look quite cool...



Kyalami West Beach Raceway

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It would work well, but would not be cost effective AND people could take it at top speed because of the gradual LCs.

I think digital layouts need pitlanes and places to pull off. Sometime you have to stop and put someone elses car back on and you cant leave your car in the middle of the road.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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