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Hello all again.

Well like I stated in my last post was going in a couple weeks to by my Pro-x. I lied...I went out today and got one.

Must say I love it. All aspects of it....Glad to be back racing in my own home this time...No more clubs to close on me.

I came up with a little design for my pit lane when it is released.

If you want to DL the full version go HERE right click and save image as...when you open it from your PC it will be full size.

Now now...I know what you all are saying. can only Fuel 1 car at a time, and this layout needs room and money.

I have room and money covered now, but I would love to see something that will all cars to pit in there own spot and fuel at the same time. Was wondering if some one knew if the pit lanes might be able to be distiguished part from one an other.
I dont think it is possible with out swapping out the black box for an upgrade but I'm sure carrera doesn't have this in mind.

Just my 2 cents...But I think it would still look really neat setup this way.
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