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Harry has sent us the review to make reading easier for the folk on this side of the big water:

The Carrera PRO-X Digital Racing System Review

This is interesting:
QUOTE (From Harry's review)Tactical Racing

Carrera is also releasing a PIT LANE feature to this system and that added effect is what they have dubbed "Tactical Racing". The pit lane feature will add another element to the racing by forcing you to stop for "fuel". If you don't get to pit lane on time your car will begin to slow down. Since the pit lane will only accept one car at a time, it forces you to time your pit stop correctly against other racers.

A few points:

It is an interesting article. I'm sure that Carrera will sell plenty of oval sets to our American friends, but the format will not be too popular here. I don't see the tactical point of changing lanes half way down the main straight.

If the future is digital, this is an indication of the divide between brands to come. Right now Carrera cars work on my track. In a year or two... I'm not sure if they will.

Something I remember from the test layout at the Toy Fair: Every time I took a photo, the LC mechanism would activate. I wonder if taking photos at a race would create some upsets?

The comments by Kurt Moser are informing too. It seems that it can still give allot of fun and ends up being slightly addictive. He affirms that there is a great deal of carnage and that for people who like to keep their cars in good shape, analogue racing is not quite dead yet.
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