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QUOTE (Maltese @ 10 Sep 2004, 20:36)I have raced PC sims and they are fun. Most of the good and non-street-racing games contain a pit element and tactical racing. There you are dealing with brake and suspension setups, tire pressures, fuel cell capacities, radiator opening size, front dam and rear wing adjustments, ride heights, etc.

Sim racing is not just for kids anymore. They too have more substance. I would hope that there would be an option (no forced) of adding selected elements of realism to slot racing.
Don't get me wrong, I love doing car setups and pit stuff on computer sims. I just don't think it'll work in 1:32 comercial slot racing. Or scalextric as they'll call it.

Especially on the avarage sized home layout. Going slow because of not pittting would loose you multiple laps. Do it in a sim, real life etc you'd be mega unfortunate to loose 1 (except if your Frank Beila
). Even more so for magnet racnig. The guy in the article said by the end they could practically floor it round the whole track. Meanwhile little Joe who missed his pit is trundling at a snails pace. He sees 500mph Dad coming up behind him, uses his racing guise to block him at an LC. However a pile up resumes because of the speed diference. It'll end in tears I tell you.

I can see it working if;

There can be mulitple cars in pit (use of sperate bays rather than one lane)

The track is as big as Norway

Magnets are not used

And I'm not saying the Carrera system is bad. That oval setup looks good. Nor am I syaing the pitlane is rubbish. As a non-intefering peice it'd be grand. But as a tactical element, I doubt it'll be succesful at home.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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