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...should be available - but there are still some small bugs in the software - which has been tested for more than 12 month by several independant testers. If things are not available in US, try to get them from Europe - it works! If you need the adresses of reliable shops, just ask here in teh forum - there are a youple of shop-owners from UK active here which might support...

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A quick and crude translation of the Carrera German page, via Google

The RACING MANAGEMENT is innovative Carrera course accessories with highest play value. Basis forms a microprocessor-supported rundenzaehler for an inclusive Pace Car function and programmable auxiliary functions. Further expandability on up to 8 lanes and a binding insists inclusive realistic sounds of vehicle to the PC by means of a software.

Accurate time and round collection for 2 traces on 1/1000 sec..
All data and running results are represented on the LCD display
Announcement and acoustic rendition of the starting traffic light
Possibility of different attitudes of vehicle speeds and acceleration behavior on individual being able from the beginner to the Slotcar professional
Ghost Car function
The driven round can be noted and stored. The microprocessor repeats the noted control quadrant position and speed and the vehicle drives independently the stored round.
Turbo-function of the control quadrant switch offable

For the development around 2 further traces a Extension unit is needed in each case
The Racing management is expandable on up to 8 traces
To transfer by two cable connections the Extension unit connected with the Main unit around the functions the Main unit to the Extension unit and thus to the extended traces.

20742 PC UNIT
By connection the PC unit with the Main unit all functions the Main unit can be steered via the PC
Running monitor with current times and positions
Collection of up to 8 vehicles on 1/1000 sec. exactly data base for driver names and running results acoustic announcements during running rendition of the engine noises similar to the control quadrant position

20743 DUEL

Packing contents:
- evolution course
- Aston Martin Vanquish
- Porsche Carrera GT
- route distance 4,5m
- Main unit (20740)
- PC unit (20742)
- transformer 14.8 V
- operating instructions

Enterprise without PC possible: Yes!
Expandability: 8 lanes
High PC hardware requirements: No: 486er 100 MHz 64MB RAM
Expression of driver lists: Yes
Driver data base: Yes
Announcement of the prominent Fahzeuges: Yes
Announcement of the course which Bestzeit has dangers: Yes
Acoustic output over sound map: Yes
Note all round times: Yes
Expression of all round times: Yes
Running series expressions: Yes
Starting traffic light: Yes
Expenditure of engine noises similar to the control quadrant position: Yes
Pace Car: Yes
Accuracy: 1/1000s
Picture screen surface: Functionally
Driver rotation after internationlem course change: Yes
Connection to the PC: Serial interface
Running series store: Yes
Announcement schellste round time: Yes
Early start possible: Yes
Indicate to the order of rank: Yes
Round-run: Yes
Time-run: Yes
Operating systems for software: Win95/98/2000 and XP
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