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Carrera Red Guide

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I've just opened my latest carrera car to find the spare Scalextric guide is now red and not black.

If anyone from Carrera reads this forum please tell us why this is as the red guide will not work with Scalextric Digital so not only did we have to modify the guide to get it to work in the first place now its red so won't work at all.

Not a very impressive move there, I'm a huge Carrera fan but this is either just plain stupid or is trying to make it more difficult to run their cars on Scalextric Digital to try to force Carrera fans to swap systems (which will not happen as its to much of a huge cost)

unless anyone else knows why this is?

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This isn't a recent change. Since at least 2005, possibly earlier, some Carrera spare small guides have been red. I suspect the choice of colour is because it makes differentiation easier between the full size and smaller guides and has nothing to do with reducing compatibility with Scalextric Digital.

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I'm not a digital user so have had no reason to pay much attention to the guide colour, but I'd estimate that about 5% of the Carreras I've bought have had red spares. The cars were all new, still factory sealed with an unopened spares packet. From memory, they were more common several years ago. The Ferrari 512BB and Ferrari 575 Maranello are two I definitely remember had red spares, although I've also had 512BBs supplied with black spares, so maybe it's just pot luck as to what colour plastic the factory was using at the time.
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