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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track

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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track
Would you be interested in a permanent solution?
What price would you EXPECT to pay per guide?
How many guides per pack?
Would you be willing to do prototype testing with several of your Carrera cars?
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A replacement guide would cost. Least 50p so hell, 75p is spot on. I'll take 5 packs of 10
If you can get someone to test on wood you will have a much bigger market, hopefully enought for you to be able to go ahead with this.

Di you double check the minimum order quantity?

I know there would be a huge initial outlay for the mould, I for one would be prepared to pay up front to ensure this apps, I'm sure most people would be happy to pay at least 50% up front on the first order to make this happen.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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