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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track

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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track
Would you be interested in a permanent solution?
What price would you EXPECT to pay per guide?
How many guides per pack?
Would you be willing to do prototype testing with several of your Carrera cars?
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As from this THIS THREAD and a few others I've seen on the forum and from my own personal experience I've decided to see if I can't get a permanent solution to this problem.
But I need to see if there is enough interest in doing this fix/mod before doing anything else.

The idea is simple. You remove the standard Carrera guide blade and put the modified version in, allowing your Carrera cars to run on Scalextric track and pass over cross overs and turn through radius 1 turns without ANY issues.
No drilling.
No gluing.
No filing.
No actual fact NO modifications.

People that has had experience of this will know that even the Carrera provided "Scalextric Compatible Guide" that is supplied with Carrera cars, that are exported to the UK, does not work 100% on Scalextric track, especially, Sport Track.

If there is enough interest in fixing this I will endeavour to get this issue sorted once and for all.

Many thanks.
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QUOTE (tofuboy @ 26 Oct 2011, 17:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Fantastic idea,
hope there's enough interest to make this worthwhile!

Any ideas on timelines??

After prototype approval the first batch can be ready in 2 weeks....I need 1000 units (10 per bag x 100) guides to make this worthwhile. So that is either a 100 people x 1 bag or 50 x 2 bags - you get the picture.....and yes I know this is a very niche problem that I'm trying to fix but I've survived cancer so that was my main challenge in life so far...this is a walk in the park in comparison.
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I appreciate any input so thanks for that Dopamine. But there is no way something this niche will be sold retail less than 17p per guide. I think the only people capable of doing those kind of prices per component at retail level are the big players.

Here we will have to pay for the convenience of:

1 - "Plug and Play"

2 - Not filing or using sandpaper/dremels/proxxons..

3 - Time saved from not doing the above.

4 - Knowing that the guide will work 100% with your Scalex track and you don't have to go back to no 2 to loose some more of no 3 - sometimes several times.

It's that classic balance of time/money...

You are 100% correct my main concern is: "a small proportion of expressed interest actually turns into hard cash"...I think the only way to show real interest will have to be to take pre-orders...putting your mouth where the money is. Otherwise this will go nowhere.

Also I'm not planning on making money from this. I want to get a high quality mod done to fix a problem that has been mentioned several times on this forum and that is it....I just want to cover all bases and break even. Meaning we'll all pay more at the start but as soon as we break even the cost will come down.

I want to approach it more like a communal (forum) effort, which brings me to the next point, anybody out there that's a bit of a CAD 3D guru and willing to help with some drawings?
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Minardi, yes the first one will be for the current Carrera cars ("new" chassis).
QUOTE (scuderia_turini @ 26 Oct 2011, 23:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I said that I would do testing - but it would be on Ninco track.

Great! If it works on another track system!

It will be the Carrera guide that works on Scaley and Ninco track then.
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QUOTE (Wraith @ 27 Oct 2011, 09:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Did you double check the minimum order quantity?

Minimum for the first run will have to be at least a 1000 guides.
Just a quick update.

I'm currently negotiating with a design company at this stage.

Watch this space.

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Thanks J-C. You're not negative just realistic.

Well. This has been an experience for me. Some people claim the "special" Carrera guide works fine one Sport track...My experience is quite different - especially when it comes to R1 and XLC's. Except for Wraith I have not seen anyone else mention this problem before.

So far - the costs are a lot to say the least, and the project has been stalled. I'm looking for someone with really good CAD 3d skills that is willing to do some voluntary work as the quote the design company has come back with is out of my price range.
I don't know if I'm being unrealistic but a $1000.00 for 2 days CAD work is a lot.
If no-one volunteers then I guess this project is dead in the water.
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Thanks FloydFan.

Does not have to be completely free...I'm willing to pay. Just not $1000.00 for 2 days...

I think I'm in the wrong business if that is the going rate....
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It's quite basic yes and that is why I could not understand it as well....

It's: Take guide flag A off, of guide assembly A, and remove guide flag B from guide assembly B....and attach guide flag A to guide assembly B...end of.

Thanks for the link, I'll take a look.
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Nope, I've had a change of personal circumstances, so money needs to be saved.....

....BUT, the last time I had my track down, the red guides seem to have worked fine without any modification.....don't know if it's my track that has "worn" - I know the margins are really small on fixing this issue.
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QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 14 Jun 2012, 15:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm glad you didn't dump a bunch of money into this project. It would have cost way too much to get the cost down to a palatable level for most people.
The BRM part # is S-126, I believe.

Thanks, Greg. I'll definitely take a look at the BRM bits.

Yeah, instead, the US government is getting all my bucks cause it's costs a lot of $$$$ to move to the US....
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